Outlines Europa CUP U12 and U14 in combination with 4th Budapest Open 2020, Outlines Europa CUP DUO and Outlines Open Midden Nederlandse.

Dear Budo friends

Hereby the outlines for 3 JuJitsu events in Europe.

Please be aware, closure date for Europa CUP U12 and U14 is 14 March 2020, goto: https://www.sportdata.org/ju-jitsu/set-online/veranstaltung_info_main.php?active_menu=calendar&vernr=188#a_eventhead

Closure date Europa CUP in DUO system is set at: 01 March 2020, for registratio GoTo: https://www.sportdata.org/ju-jitsu/set-online/veranstaltung_info_main.php?active_menu=calendar&vernr=189#a_eventhead

Open MN in JuJitsu Open event, GoTo: https://www.sportdata.org/ju-jitsu/set-online/veranstaltung_info_main.php?active_menu=calendar&vernr=173#a_eventhead

3rd_Outlines_EC_4.Bpo final.pdf

Open MN JJ Championships 2020 outline ENGv1.pdf

Outline European Cup Duo Games -3RD EDITION – 2020_version 2.02_DEF[9462].pdf