How to proceed?

Any National Federation wishing to affiliate to the JJIF must send the following documents to the Secretariat:

  • a request for affiliation signed by their President and General Secretary;
  • a copy of their Constitution in English;
  • the list of their Executive Committee and a description of their organization;
  • the list of their activities during the last two years;
  • whenever possible, an attestation from their National Olympic Committee or highest sport authority certifying that the Federation is recognized as the controlling body for Ju-Jitsu in their country;
  • the “una tantum” (one time payment) affiliation fee of 350.00 Euro (three hundred and fifty Euro).

An application for membership implies complete recognition of the Constitution, By-Laws and Rules of the JJIF. After receiving the documents and the payment of the affiliation fee, the Board of Directors evaluates and decides about the affiliation of the Federation. This decision has to be ratified by the next Congress.

A National Federation may not be affiliated both with the JJIF and other international Organization claiming international governing functions over the sport of Ju-Jitsu.

Co-operation of the JJIF with other sports which are governed by their own International Federation can be considered, but the two international organizations must keep their own separate identities and functions.

Members Application Form (Download)