In 1977, following a joint initiative from Germany, Italy and Sweden, the European Ju Jitsu Federation (EJJF) was founded. Ten years later in 1987, when all main European Countries were already members of EJJF the scope of the initiative was expanded to the world- wide scenario.

In fact in 1987 the International Assembly founded the International Ju Jitsu Federation (IJJF) EJJF continued its activity becoming one of the continental Unions within IJJF, as EJJU.

After the recognition received by the General Association of International Sports Federations in 1993 and the first participation to world-wide multi-sport event (IWGA 1997), the Ju Jitsu International General Assembly of 1998, in order to meet some public relations requirements towards further expansion and recognitions, decided to change the name from International Ju Jitsu Federation (IJJF) to Ju Jitsu International Federation (JJIF) and Ju Jitsu European Union (JJEU).

Ju-jitsu European Union (JJEU) is a constituent member of Ju-jitsu International Federation (JJIF).

Address of the office:
Am Nepomukplatz 4
76661 Philippsburg

Bank account of the JJEU
Volksbank Kur- und Rheinpfalz eG,
Bahnhostrasse 19,
67346 Speyer (Hockenheim, Germany)

IBAN:     DE02 5479 0000 0001 3972 49
Name:   Michael Korn c/o Ju Jitsu European Union

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General Assembly – the highest authority within JJEU
(Delegates from member federations and unions)

Auditors Committee
Elected by the JJEU General Assembly.
They Control the book-keeping of the JJEU and audits that the JJEU funds are used wisely.

JJEU Board – operational and governing body (newly elected at EOC Breznice, Slovenia, October 16th 2021 with mandate from 2021 to 2025)

Robert Perc, Slovenia         

Rick Frowyn, The Netherlands
General Secretary

Michael Korn, Germany
1st Vice President (Senior VP, Treasurer)

Didier Menu, France
2nd Vice President

Anestis Poulikidis, Greece
3rd Vice President

JJEU Technical officers

Jeanette Andersson
JJEU Sport Director via: 

Referee Committee
Referee Director DUO system: Kostas Kazakos via

Referee Manager DUO system: Birgitte Dalsgaard  

Referee Director Fighting system: Kostas Kazakos via 

Referee Manager Fighting system: Amran Elotmona via: 

Referee Director JiuJitsu Ne Waza system: Eli Poplinger via 

Referee Manager JiuJitsu Ne Waza system: Brian Frowyn via: 

Jimmy Wouters
Spokesman Coaches

Miss Tonie E. Dahl
Ambassador for Safeguarding