Full National Member

This level is granted to a member which has fulfilled a mandatory 4 (four) year term as Official National Member and has satisfied the JJIF Official Membership obligations, including payment of fees. Full National Members have the right:

  • to be informed about the state of the JJIF;
  • to propose items for consideration regarding the Agenda of the General Assembly;
  • to receive the agenda and the relevant documents for the General Assembly;
  • to be called within the prescribed time to the meeting and exercise the right to vote;
  • to nominate candidates to the Presidency (President, General Secretary and Treasurer) of the JJIF;
  • to nominate candidates to other positions in the Board of Directors of JJIF;
  • to participate and to vote during elections;
  • to call for an Extraordinary General Assembly;
  • to exercise any other right arising from the Statutes, Regulations, Directives and Decisions of the JJIF;
  • to host the Official World Championship;
  • to participate in any JJIF event.