Referees are essential and very important part of each sport, ju-jitsu is no exception. The International Referee Group (IRG) is the total of all JJIF-Referees. It is a technical organisation of the JJIF of which it is an integral part.

The IRG is coordinated by the International Referee Committee (IRC), which is composed of: Director, Vice-Director, Secretary and two other members. They are required to be World Referees. They are designated by majority by the Technical Representatives of the Member Countries among themselves every two years to the Board of Directors of JJIF, which has the final decision regarding their appointment.

Within each country, each nation determines their levels and respective criteria, and regulates certification through evaluations and examinations. The highest level is “National Referee”.

At the international level there are two levels of certification with each two steps (in decreasing order). Only referees supported by their respective national federations may approach to the examination procces.

Continental B License
Continental A License
World B License
World A License

JJIF referee group has its own web site at, where you can find some more usufeul information and insight on referees in ju-jitsu.