Fair-play Trophy

JJEU encourages its members to promote fair-play even more – also on the national level. Athletes are often role models. If we understand that fair-play is not only words but actions we can come to conclusion that fair-play is for everyone (coaches, referees, spectators, officials, fans etc.).

In principle competition rules usually sanction misbehaviour. Per example JJIF Competition Rules says in Section 13 – Penalties that german doctor 2 foto www.djjv.decompetitor will receive a penalty as for heavy forbidden act if one is making unnecessary calls, remarks or gestures to the opponent, referees, the secretariat or to anyone else. This goes to situations when competitors are on the mat in under control of the referees. But life has sometimes surprised with improper behaviour after or before the match. We have experienced a cases of “pure losers” which after a match yelled, cursed, did not want to leave the mat ect. On some occasion the winner of the match behaves insulting to his opponent (verbally) – but when the referees declare the winner they have (by the rules at that time) no possibility to act (this goes also to coaches).

In 2007 a special section was added in Section 13 of the JJIF Competition Rules:

“If a contestant shows unsportsmanlike behaviour after a fight, the referee crew of the tatami unanimously decide that the competitor should be expelled from the rest of the tournament. They will inform the Head-Referee of their decision and then ask the Responsible of the tournament to make the official announcement. The expelled contestant loses all matches he had already won, including the medals.”

Following in 2000 accepted Book of Ethics and liability of JJIF/JJEU to promote and encourage good examples of fair-play; Ju-jitsu European Union awards fair-play trophy at the biggest events, such as European Championships, European Open Championships and European Challenge Cups. This is obligation accepted by the JJEU Board in September 2008 as they approved the conditions for organisation of big events, nevertheless JJEU encourages members to cooperate and promote fair play on a national level too.

german doctor 3 foto www.djjv.deIn European Championship Podgorica 2009 a decision was made that for the first time in the JJEU history a fair-play trophy will be awarded to a doctor and not to athlete. But as there was no extraordinary case among athletes an idea was put on the table which was extremely well accepted.

For outstanding performance, altruism and professionalism when assisting not only his national team but every athlete (no matter the age, gender or nationality) in this championship who needed medical assistance beyond his expected obligations – as on many events before, JJEU awarder a fair play trophy to doctor Gunter Pietsch from German National Team.

Surprise at the beginning but at the end he was a person who received the most word applause in the championship with the common acknowledgement that at that time the fair-play trophy was awarded to the right hands. And with that JJEU encourage everyone one to think “out of the box” and seek for situation that can be understand as the role models of fair-play.

JJEU Board also decided in 2010 to start a project to bring to fair play a new spirit – a fair play trophy and diploma is to be prepared with the same visual identity for the future fair-play trophies.