DUO Ju-Jitsu e-sport Event 2020

Outlines for the DUO Ju-Jitsu e-sport Event 2020

Dear friends of DUO, we like to invite you on behalf of FZC blau-weiƟ Philippsburg e.V. for the “DUO JU-Jitsu e-sport Event 2020”

eTournaments completely transform the way of competing in Martial Arts Tournaments. Unlike traditional tournaments, eTournaments makes competing simpler, easier, and cost effective. Join from any place on this planet, without travel and accommodation costs. Compete against professional and amateur athletes from all around the world and improve your skills.

Link to the event: https://www.sportdata.org/ju-jitsu/set-online/?subsystem_select=prod_etournament_jjif


Outlines St Petersburg Open 2020

Dear Budo friends,

Depending of course how the Covid-19 virus is influencing situations in your region/country, which can cause a NoGo due to allowance of your government, the Russian federation of JuJitsu are organizing the St. Petersburg Open 2020 on 23, 24 and 25 of October 2020.

Visa applications can be done since a few months also by web, goto: https://application.evisasrussia.com/application to check if your citizens are allowed to use this visa.

Be aware that due to the progress of the Covid-19 virus changes are possible in the program. Traveling is always on the risk of the traveler and not for the organizers in Russia. Check with your local health department about the allowance of your team.


1st OUTLINES_SPb_Open_2020.pdf

1st OUTLINES_SPb_Open_2020.pdf

In memoriam

In memoriam

Today we received the news that former World A referee Mister Rinus Tegelaar from the Netherlands past away after a short sickness.

Rinus was 82 years old and was 7th dan JuJitsu and 7th dan judo.

JJEU board condoleances the friends and family of mister Tegelaar.

*** Important news regarding Europeans Adults and Masters 2020 ***

*** Important news regarding Europeans Adults and Masters 2020 ***

Dear JuJitsu friends,

Last weeks we faced a lot of serious issues with the Covid-19 virus. Many events, in many sports were canceled or postponed.

JJEU and Israeli-an Federation also had to postpone the Europeans Adults. After a lot of communication with the local organizers, the government and other stakeholders we found a new date for the European Championship Adults and Masters.

The new date for this event is set on: 16, 17 and 18 October 2020, Naharia Israel.

JJEU Board