First invitation for Kodokan Open 2019 (JJEU Supported event)

Dear Budo friends,

Please accept our best wishes to you all. The year 2018 is almost done, and it was a amazing year for most of us. 2019 is coming soon, and a lot of clubs and federations are looking forward for another year of great events. JJEU has planned a lot of nice co operations with partners in Europe, like the Kodokan Open Organization in Norderstedt, which again are organizing one of the biggest starting events of the year. Most of the clubs are using this event every year to setup their selections for 2019, and every year this event become stronger and stronger. JJEU and the Kodokan Organization are working together close, and therefore we are happy to announce that the Kodokan Open starting 2019 is a JJEU supported event, which means that the LOC of Kodokan fulfill the requirements of organizing JuJitsu events on the JJEU level.

We are happy to present you all the first invitation of the Kodokan Open 2019 event. Please go to:

and subscribe your team as soon as possible and join the opening of 2019 with a great event.


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