2nd Outlines JJEU European Championship JuJitsu 2018 for U18 and U21

Dear sport friends

Please find attached the 2nd outlines for the coming European Championships in JuJitsu for Aspirants and Juniors Bologna Italy 2018

Referees must attend the referee meeting on Thursday afternoon. To attend the meeting is compulsory for all referees. During the referee meeting time will be spent on the VIDEO system usage. Referees must follow the referee dress code: white shirt must have short sleeves, dark grey/anthracite trousers no jeans allowed,, no shoes allowed, only black (2 pairs) allowed.
Neither the organizing committee nor the JJEU will be responsible for not respecting this obligation. However, if there won’t be enough referees for the competition to take place in good conditions, JJEU may decide to complement the pool of referees with national referees of the organizing federation decided by JJEU Referee Committee.

2nd Outlines European Championship JuJitsu for U18 and U21 Bologna Italy.pdf

Hotel booking ECh U18 & U21 – 2018 v05092018.xlsx


Airport transfer form ECh U18 & U21 – 2018.xlsx

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