JJEU Board sharing information with the referees

Bucharest – part of the Championship’s referee group

Bucharest, 26 October 2017. Late afternoon the President met the referee group of the Championship. In two hours he presented and share the activities and plans of the Board for the future, emphasising the Resolution on Mission, Values and Vision 2017 – 2024 and Strategy “10-5-30” in continuation of the debate. The main objective of the discussions was to introduce the referees with the development which will affect referee work (Working Group results, evaluations, testing of the Care and “one referee”, future training and educations, Code of Conduct etc.) but also to receive valuable feedback and opinions from the expert which will help Working Group and the Board to process the ideas in a good way.

Mr Rinaldo Orlandi from the JJIF Ethics Committee addressed the present referees presenting the work of the Ethics Committee but mainly to emphasised the need to Ethical and professional behaviour at all times. JJEU Board will consider to empower the Working Group and the Referee Committee as objectives and expectations are high and important.

Many questions were raised but also some good proposals for the future actions. The President expressed the intention of the Board to follow the basic principles of good governance – the Board finds it extremely important to share the activity plans and reasons for actions (objectives) with the referees, especially when there are topics directly related to the referee work. That was the promise given to the referee group immediately after election in 2016 and they planned to keep the good practice.The session, nevertheless some highly important and serious topics were opened, passed in a very good atmosphere.

JJEU Board meeting with referees in Bucharest [pdf]

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