JJEU Board constructive in Bucharest

Mr Ognjen Crnogorac presenting candidature for the future EC U18 & U21

Bucharest, 26 October 2017. Intensive day in front of the 2017 U18 & U21 European championship in Bucharest, Romania started with the JJEU Board meeting while the organiser of the event prepared everything for the arrival of the teams. The Agenda of the meeting was extensive, including discussion and decision on calendar, European Ranking List, referees, personal data protection, athletes committee etc.

Mr Thomas Meyer from the Referee Committee (and also member of the Referee Quality Management Working Group) presented results of the initial work. The board agreed that results present solid ground to continue work as planned.
This was also the last meeting of the Board in present composition as in the next Mr Ivan Nastenko (Ukraine) from the Athletes Committee will have its place to represent athletes from European members. The Board could not avoid the questions regarding the World Championship and JJIF Session in Bogota, Columbia. The Board finalized and send the JJIF report of activities and vision fort the future, including Resolution on Mission, Values and Vision of the JJEU for 2017 – 2014 and Fair Play activiies report for the European Fair Play movement (see the attachment).
In the afternoon session the candidates for the future European Championship U18 & U21 present candidatures. France, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Italy presented their plans for 2018 and 2019 organisation of the championship, giving the Board options to choose the host from the federations with a lot of experience. All presentations were extensive and well prepared and presenters provide good explanations and answers on the questions received. The Board will have a decision before the end of the championship.


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