New DUO classic rules

The new DUO rules, are now in force. (since the 1st of January)

Under leadership by Michael Korn and Rick Frowyn a expert group (ETM Meeting Planica Slovenia 2017) discussed and created the new rules for DUO classic. The JJIF session 2017 at Bogota Colombia accepted the new rules for the DUO system.

DUO will now be reduced and easier to start with for all athletes. The judging system is not effected by the change of the rules.

Duo Classic JJIF Session 2017 – effective 01012018.pdf

Contract for European Cup in DUO signed for 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2021

Contract for European Cup in DUO signed.

On Friday the 14th is by Miss Joset Fit, counsel member of Sports of Medemblik the Netherlands together with Rick Frowyn, General Secretary of JJEU the contract signed for organisation of the new European DUO games in JuJitsu.

This big event, part of the European Challenge CUP, will count for the European ranking list. The DUO games are open for all members of European federations associated to JJIF and JJEU. The games are for U15, U18, U21 and seniors and contains classic DUO and SHOW. The city of Medemblik wil host this event for 4 years starting June 23rd 2018 for the first edition.