Cancellation of the European Cup in Beach Games

Dear sport friends,

Due to a shortage of registrations, the JJEU and the FJJI are unfortunately forced to cancel the European Cup in Beach Games planned in Italy Cattolica on July 12th till 15nd 2018 and the associated referee course.
We are really sorry to cancel this event.

Dear sport friends, respected members from the JJEU/JJIF Sport Federations. This year is a great year for ju-jitsu. We have organised very successful ETM to prove that athletes, referees and coaches can and should work together for the benefit of development, we have had two big grand slam events in Paris and Gelsenkirchen and successful organisation of the EC Seniors in Banja Luka (BIH). General Assembly approved the Resolution on the Mission, Values and Vision of the JJEU 2017 – 2014 and set a Strategy for the future.

Last weekend another great event closed on exactly the same date as 40 years ago a charter has been signed which represent the milestone on our legacy – that day European Ju-Jitsu Federation was established.

We would like to thank the Romanian Martial Arts Federation and its Ju-Jitsu Department, staff and volunteers and any other partners, not mentioned, for the organisation of the European Championship Aspirant & Juniors – it has been remarkable event. Step by step the organizers of big events give the us assurance that we can proceed with our strategy of development as planned at last JJEU General Assembly. Continue reading “”

3 candidates for organising European Championship in JuJitsu for aspirants and juniors in 2018

3 candidates for organising European Championship in JuJitsu for aspirants and juniors in 2018.

Italy, France and Bosnia Herzegovina ar possible candidates for organising the ECh u18 and u21 in their countries.

At a board meeting of JJEU the representatives of the National Federations will present their plans. After the board will decide who is allowed to organise this great event.