final Invitation to join jjeu assembly

Dear respected presidents,

We have the privilege to invite you to the 2023 session of the JJEU General Assembly, which will take place in Zagreb, Croatia on WEDNESDAY November the 22nd 2023 from 17:00 till 20:00.

Registrations for the General Assembly must be done via sportsdata. Online up to Saturday November the 18th 2023 by SportsID registration page for the General Assembly edition 2023: SET Online Ju-Jitsu: JJEU General Assembly edition 2023 (

The assembly will be hosted in the Zonar Zagreb hotel, Address: Trg Krešimira Ćosića 9, 10000 Zagreb, Hrvatska from 17:00 till 20.00

With this letter you will find a set of materials which will be discussed during the assembly, JJEU will not be responsible for printed documents, so prepare all by yourself if you need print outs.

JJEU board is looking forward to meet and see you all in Israel,

With the best regards

8 Report Sport Director JJEU

11 activities coachesspokesman 082023

06 Report GS over 2022

5 Finance report 2022 JJEU

4 Minutes GA 2022 Israel

2 National Delegate Proxy Zagreb Croatia 2023

1 AGENDA JJEU GA 29.05.2022 v1

0 Final invitation for the JJEU 2023 edition assembly


Rick Frowyn

General Secretary

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