Outlines for the “Groene Hart Toernooi 22-March-2023”

Dear Budo friends,

Since many years the Budoclub Groenhart, in the center of the Netherlands is organizing a amazing JuJitsu event for all JJIF members. After the Covid pandemic they are ready again to host and organize this event.

The LOC is happy to invite you to join and visit the 2023 edition of the Groene Hart tournament. The event will take place in Boskoop, which is situated between Amsterdam Airport and The Hague Airport and easy to reach by car.

Dear coaches, former participants and other sports friends,

The “Groene Hart Toernooi” Jiu Jitsu will take place on Saturday the 20th of May. The tournament will take place in MFC de Plataan, Snijdelwijklaan 2 Boskoop (The Netherlands).

This year we offer the following competition types:

  • Fighting system
  • Duo system
  • Jiu-Jitsu Ne Waza

In Fighting system we make separate groups for starting participants. As a guideline for a beginner:

  • Participants has participated in maximum 3 external competitions (judo or jiu jitsu)
  • Max 4th Kyu (orange belt)

This year the registration of the participant will be through sportdata. An important notice is that the participant will be placed on the waiting list, after the payment is made on sportdata (stripe) the participants are subscribed. The subscription has been started at the first of march and will be closed at the 30th of April. Be sure that you have registered and paid the participants before the closing date.

On our information page on sportdate you will find all the information about the tournament.

Best regards,

Rick van Oort


Budocentrum het Groene Hart


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