No Kodokan Open in 2021

Dear all,

we hope that you are doing well despite the current situation. The Kodokan board has decided not to host a Kodokan Open tournament next year. All the things that characterize our tournament – international fights at a high level with a starting field from many European countries in a friendly atmosphere on and beside the tatami – are not possible due to the Corona pandemic. Therefore we want to make a clear decision with the cancellation already at this time, in order not to take the risk of planning with high hygienic requirements and then having to cancel at short notice. We very much hope that we will be able to hold the next Kodokan Open in the usual form at the beginning of 2022.

Best regards from Norderstedt and stay healthy,

Philipp Roth
– for the Kodokan Open-team –

Kodokan e.V. Norderstedt
Postfach 72 26
22831 Norderstedt

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