DUO Games Medemblik NEWS

DUO Games Medemblik NEWS from LOC.

In response to the decision of JJIF and JJEU, not to support coming events that take place under their auspices due to the Covid-19 virus, the tournament organization of the European Cup Duo Games took immediate action.

We clearly respect their decision because of their European/worldwide responsibility.

Within the countries themselves, the situations are very different and our organization is in close contact with the municipality Medemblik and the Dutch Government.

In the Netherlands there is no reason cancelling the event and therefore we will act in the interest of the athletes and will proceed.

As we cannot call the event European Cup anymore, the name is altered in Medemblik European Open – Duo Games.

Furthermore there will be no changes, we will set up the event with the high standards that you can expect from us.

Nearly 80 top duos registered already and it will remain a good measuring moment for countries/participants.

You can follow the latest development on our website (this will be altered coming weekend).

If the situation were to change in the Netherlands, which prescribes by the Government to cancel the event, we will of course take our responsibility and inform you accordingly.

With kind regards,

Tournement organization Medemblik European Open – Duo Games

Toernooi organisatie Medemblik European Open – Duo Games

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