JJEU events and the COVID-19 outbreaks

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Coronavirus: participation in sports events abroad in Europe.

The next recommendations apply to participation in sports events local and continental as to travel for other reasons such as vacation or work. There is no general advice about whether or not to participate in an event abroad. That depends on the specific and current situation.

We therefore advise sports associations, sports organizations and athletes to adhere to the recommendations of Local/National Health Government and Foreign Affairs. In practice, it appears that events in closed areas or high-risk areas have often already been cancelled or relocated by organizers or governments.

Carefully follow the reporting of the organizer and international sports organization concerning the event.

Follow the travel advice of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for the country and region in question carefully. The ministry might writes about this:

– Read the travel advice for your destination.

– Download the Travel App if available from Foreign Affairs from your country.

– Follow the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Twitter via or other social media.

Register at your embassy as a visitor to the country where the event is. This is possible via the Travel App of Foreign Affairs or by other media.

Participants in a sporting event abroad would do well to keep the contact details of their own doctor and (own) travel insurance at hand.

The World Health Organization has a informative website with advices you can find here:


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Rick Frowyn, General Secretary JuJitsu European Union

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