Not Me, a DJJV program adopthed by JJEU

Not me! – Protect yourself from violence!

Is the, through the German Ju-Jutsu Association (Deutscher Ju-Jutsu Verband) initiated, German wide, federally uniform prevention, self-assertion and self-defence concept. Trained, licensed and at the subject competent course instructors, with appropriate experience, convey our concept age and target group appropriate to the course participants. The course system is targeted towards kids between 5 – 12. This guide is here to help hold up that standard. Here the contents that should be conveyed and are included in the course system, are shortly summed up and illustrated. To protect yourself from violence is an important basic need for every human being. Our course wants to help children learn how to avoid danger, recognize dangerous situations and to defend themselves in an emergency. With our course we want to contribute to children and teenagers being able to grow up into self-confident strong personalities. Therefore our course system represents an additional building block on this road. We don’t promise a hundred percent safety – that doesn’t exist! A hundred percent safety can and should never be promised. Sensibility – to engage with the theme on different levels, is the main focus of our concept. The concept is based on three basic elements: The prevention – The self-assertion -The self-defence To illustrate this and to clarify the different steps we use the so called “Traffic Light Principle”.

The coming months ambassadors of this project will introduce this project in Europe.

For information mail to: Michael.korn


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