Frank Fürst awarded with Life Time Achievement Award

On the occasion of the 2017 edition of the Danish Open Intl. tournament the President of the JJEU, Mr Robert Perc, had a special privilege and honour. The President of the ju-jitsu in the Dansk Judo & Ju-jitsu Union, Mrs Lisbeth Hansen, emphasised in her welcome speech a spirit of friendship which goes along with the sport and Mr Perc continued with thanking the organiser of the event to stress out Fair Play and Friendship which are also a moto ot the JJEU. After addressing participants of the Danish Open, Mr Perc gave a special recognition to a special person in a ju-jitsu family.

Mr Frank Fürst has been serving ju-jitsu worldwide for 4 decades, from the early days when European Federation (EJJF -> JJEU) and, later, the International Federation (IJJF -> JJIF) were established. He has been a valuable help and guide for newcomers into our federation and from the capacity of his various positions (from athlete to Vice President and long-term General Secretary) within the federation, he was one of the key-persons in the successful evolving of the European Federation into the International one. He became one of the most recognised figures in ju-jitsu worldwide, as IJJF -> JJIF General Secretary for 15 years. Together with the President of the International Federation (at that time), Mr. Rinaldo Orlandi, and the rest of the Board members and technical officials, Mr. Fürst was the engine of worldwide development and acceptance in the International World Games Association, IWGA, and the General Association of International Sport Federation, GAISF, today known as the SportAccord. Throughout his career, he has been an example of sportsmanlike behaviour, fair play and friendship, as well-known as an individual with enormous energy when assistance and help was needed by the member federations.

In the year when the European federation is celebrating its 40th, and International federation its 30th anniversary, the JJEU has the pleasure and honour to award Mr Frank Fürst from Denmark with the highest award in the JJEU, the Life-Time Achievement Award.
(Photo by Jens Erik Rasmussen, Ju-Jitsu Denmark)

Frank Fürst – Life Time Achievement Award [pdf]