Invitation to: JJEU Expert Technical Meeting in March 2017

JJEU has the pleasure to invite JJIF/JJEU members to the Expert Technical Meeting (ETM) to Slovenia from 10 March to 12 March 2017. The event is organised in cooperation between JJEU and Ju-Jitsu Federation of Slovenia in beautiful mountain environment of Slovenian Alps, in the Olympic Nordic Centre Planica.

The idea of the meeting (as indicated by “Event One” this is only the first such event) is to bring together experts from different areas to discuss, exchange ideas but most important – to indicate possible development of the ju-jitsu, and with that contribute, assist and participate in the decision-making process. For that reason, the JJEU Board recognises important role of all stakeholder in our sport and Martial Arts: athletes, coaches, referees and others. Find more details in the attached invitation.
Proposal, suggestion etc. should be send as synopsis to the General Secretary up to 20 January 2017 – please use the form below!

Registration deadline: 13 February 2017.

Updates: 6.1.2017 – added Synopsis Form for speakers and correction of the First Invitation – package starts Friday dinner and finishes with Sunday lunch (not Saturday lunch).

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