Miss Anderson appointed as new Sport Director JJEU

Dear Budo friends
Its a please of JJEU board and her commissions to announce you that starting 15 July 2019, Miss Jeanette Anderson (Denmark) will be the new JJEU Sport Director.
We are looking forward as JJEU family for a good period of working together with miss Anderson and wish her all the best.
If you have any questions or other Sport Director related items please contact miss Anderson by email via: sport.director@jjeu.eu  

JJIRC elections are planned for Thursday 24 October 2019 at Crete Greece during the Europeans for U18 and U21

JJIRC elections are planned for Thursday 24 October 2019 at Crete Greece during the Europeans for U18 and U21

Dear Budo friends,

Please find the necessary documents regarding the coming elections for the JJIRC representatives which will be held on Thursday 24th of October 2019 in Crete Greece.

JJEU Board,

JJIRC Election agreement 2019 – NAME of FEDERATION.pdf

Letter to NF’s regarding elections to be held at Crete Greece 24th of October 2019.pdf

Reminder: Invitation for the Official JJEU Summer Camp

Dear budo friends.

SUMMER CAMP GOES ON. Yes and it will be great as usual.

There where some minor rumors JJEU summer camp will be stopped.

But we can announce that the camp for sure will take place. Of course we give the athletes the possibility to register their forgotten athletes. So Sportdata will stay open till one week before the CAMP starts. Be welcome and subscribe.

Please find attached the invitation for the JJEU Official Summer trainingCamp, which will be hosted in Hungary.

We are looking forward to all of you and hope to see you all at the very nice Balaton Lake

JJEU Summer Camp 2019 def.pdf

The prize of Fair Play by JJEU

The prize of Fair Play

The European union of Jujitsu is pleased to award the special prize of ”Fair Play”‘ to Mister BESHENETC Dimitri athlete of the National team of Russia.

In addition to being an accoplished ahlete and freshly crowned European Champion (not counting his world titles), he is by his attitude on the tatami and outside an exemple of Intigrity, Respect and Humility.
For all this Mister BESHENETC,this prize is given to you, because you are a model for all the fighters.
Congratulations again.

JJEU Board and JJIF Athletes Commission.

Play True and anti doping control

SUBJECT: Play True and anti doping control

Dear friends,

According the rules and decision of JJIF board and session Sweden 2018, its the responsibility for all of us to support a doping free environment.

There fore the JJIF Board decided to collect a Anti-Doping fee this is 10,00 Euro per athlete/participant.

As of 01 June 2019 JJEU will collect 10,00 per participating athlete in the categories U18, U21 and Adults. Effective we will start with raising the participation fee at the coming Europeans in Heraklion Greece at the Europeans U18 and U21. So in the invitation you will find the regular fee of 60,00 euro per participant with a extra addition of 10,00 euro per participant for the JJIF anti doping program.