Fairplay Award for Miss Stamataki Artemis from Greece

Fairplay Award for Miss Stamataki Artemis from Greece

During the European Championship JuJitsu in Heraklion Greece JJEU awarded Miss Stamatki Artemis with the JJEU Fairplay Award.

Miss Stamataki gives great respect and showed excellent Sportsmanship with helping her Russian Opponent, which wash injured on here leg, on the awarding podium, this was together with her DUO partner. This was already great, but after the awards, she, alone and helped her opponent again from the podium. For JJEU this was a excellent moment and therefore we awarded this athlete with the Fair Play Award.

JJEU signs sponsor contract with Fine Designs

JJEU signs sponsor contract with Fine Designs

JJEU and “Fine Designs GbR” signed a sponsor agreement for 2020.

With this contract JJEU and Fine Designs created a partnership for all official JJEU events, like the Europeans, CUPs and other events which are under umbrella of JJEU. Fine Designs is the official Merchandise partner of JJEU which is allowed (only) to use the official event logo on all merchandise items.

We are looking forward for a great partnership for 2020 with Andrey and his team.

JJIRC Elections

JJIRC Elections

These will take place in Crete Greece. Please be aware that only the voted members (maximum number of representatives per region) of each JJIRC region are allowed to vote during coming JJIF congress in Abu Dhabi.

Kind regards Rick Frowyn

Outlines for some really nice JuJitsu events

Dear Budo friends

2019 is almost over, and 2020 is coming quick, and a lot of federations and clubs are allready started with preparations for the year 2020, but there are still also some nice events in 2019.

Attached you can find outlines for the next events:


European championship NoGi JiuJitsu Gliwice Poland

Polish Open in JuJitsu all, ages and categories, Gliwice Poland


Open Midden Nederlandse JuJitsu Championship, all ages and all categories.

For 2020 in preparation:

8 and 9 February 2020, Kodokan Open, Nordersted Germany, for all ages and in all categories

20 and 21 February, Europa CUP in Fighting all ages, Amersfoort the Netherlands

20 and 21 February, Dutch Open, Amersfoort the Netherlands, in DUO and JiuJitsu Ne-Waza

14 March, Europa CUP in JiuJitsu Ne-Waza, all ages including Masters

04 April, Europa CUP in DUO systems. Medemblik, The Netherlands

04 April, Europa CUP U12 and U14, Budapest Hungary

5, 6 & 7 June, Europeans Adults and Masters, Israel.

Hope to see you all soon at our great events,


ECh_NoGi_2019_2ND Outlines_EN V1.pdf


Open MN JJ Championships 2020 outline ENGv1.pdf