*** News update about European Championship Adults and Masters ***

*** News update about European Championship Adults and Masters ***

Dear Budo friends,

We are facing serious problems in the world, the Covid-19 virus, also known as Corona already results in the dead of more then 8500 people and more then 200.000 people whit the virus.

JJEU and Israeli-an JuJitsu federation are full aware that European Federations and their athletes, coaches and staff want to know more about the scheduled European Championship Adults and Masters for June 2020. Therefore the last days, JJEU board and Israeli-an JuJitsu federation board had several phone meetings about this event.
JJEU board, Israeli-an JuJitsu Federation, Israel Government, and other local government and direct involved organizations therefore made the next decision:

* The European Championship for Adults and Masters will be postponed. In a few days we will inform you all with the new date, which most likely will be after the Summer Holidays. JJEU will be in coordination with JJIF also about the new date.

For now Ju-Jitsu European Union board have the next message for all of you:

Dear friends, we would like to send e message of support to all those are affected by this situation, our thoughts are with all of you and especially with them who live in the worst hit regions in Europe where this virus caused many very ill people and claimed many lives.

In these challenging times, we need to look after each other, as we are all part of the big Budo family we as JJEU board are sure you will all do what is possible for your close relatives. We there fore whish you all the best, good health, with strong spirit and we hope to see each other soon in better times.

Robert Perc, Rick Frowyn, Michael Korn, Dana Mortelmans and Philipp Merlin

*** Canceled: European DUO Games ***

Dear budo friends,

With pain in our hearts, we have to inform you about the cancellation of the Medemblik European Open – Duo Games 2020 event.

After the cancellation of all international events by the JJIF last week, we decided, in close cooperation with the Municipality Medemblik and the JJEU, to continue the European Cup – Duo Games 2020 under a different name, following the advice of the RIVM, Dutch and local Government.

Due to most recent development concerning the spread of COVID-19 in the Netherlands amongst others, our prime minister Mark Rutte announced new precautions on Thursday 12th March 2020 at a press conference. These precautions will apply immediately and will be valid until at least 31st March 2020.

The precautions also affects our sport event. A quote from the precautions:

“Events with over 100 persons will be cancelled”. This also applies to sporting events.

For the organization of the Medemblik European Open Duo-Games 2020, this is a big disappointment, however we have to comply with this measure. In agreement with the Municipality Medemblik, we decided to cancel the event for 2020 fully.

We would advise our athletes, fans and anyone who intended to visit our event, to cancel their reservations as soon as possible. As organization we will refund the registration fees paid as soon as possible.

In April 2021 we will be organizing the next edition of the European Cup – Duo Games with new energy and pride. Of course we hope to welcome you next year!

On behalf of the Local Organization team, Marcel Kouwenberg and Robert Takken.

Update about canceled and postponed events

Update about canceled and postponed events. (07 March 2020)

JJEU and Hungarian Federation canceled the Europa CUP for U12 and U14.

The Hungarian Federation canceled the 3rd Budapest Open.

FFJudo and JJIF postponed Paris Open till after the summer of 2020

Balkan Federation, JJIF and JJEU postponed Balkan Open and World CUP U12/U14 till July 2020.

DUO Games Medemblik NEWS

DUO Games Medemblik NEWS from LOC.

In response to the decision of JJIF and JJEU, not to support coming events that take place under their auspices due to the Covid-19 virus, the tournament organization of the European Cup Duo Games took immediate action.

We clearly respect their decision because of their European/worldwide responsibility.

Within the countries themselves, the situations are very different and our organization is in close contact with the municipality Medemblik and the Dutch Government.

In the Netherlands there is no reason cancelling the event and therefore we will act in the interest of the athletes and will proceed.

As we cannot call the event European Cup anymore, the name is altered in Medemblik European Open – Duo Games.

Furthermore there will be no changes, we will set up the event with the high standards that you can expect from us.

Nearly 80 top duos registered already and it will remain a good measuring moment for countries/participants.

You can follow the latest development on our website (this will be altered coming weekend).

If the situation were to change in the Netherlands, which prescribes by the Government to cancel the event, we will of course take our responsibility and inform you accordingly.

With kind regards,

Tournement organization Medemblik European Open – Duo Games

Toernooi organisatie Medemblik European Open – Duo Games

***** URGENT ** Update about Covid 19 (Corona) Virus *******

Dear representatives of JJEU National Federations, dear friends,

As we all are aware, there are serious problems in the World with the Covid-19 virus.

The Covid-19 virus is a virus that can easily spread between people.

At the moment there is no real remedy to prevent spread other than keeping a distance from each other and taking the necessary measures. Events at the international level could pose a potential risk of the virus spreading further and that is something the JJIF and JJEU want to prevent.

JJIF and JJEU feel responsible for our JuJitsu community.

That is why the following decision was made immediately after contact with JJIF HQ:

• We would like to inform that after postponing of JJIF Paris Open and JJIF Balkan Open, JJEU will cancel upcoming European Cups or postpone them to later in the year.
• For June European Championship adults in Israel JJEU and Israel Federation are consulting each other daily. At least at the end of March 2020 we (JJEU) make a decision together with JJIF, Israel Federation and of course local government about postponing are continuation at the settled dates (5, 6 and 7 June 2020) of the championship.
• JJEU strongly advise all National Organizers which are in the middle of organization of JuJitsu events to consider the possible risks of continuation of the events. Stay in close contact with your Government and Health care department. Organizing off these events is at the risk of the LOC and National Federation.

If there are any questions, please let us know. For now, stay safe and stay healthy,

On behalf of the JJEU board,