JJEU Board constructive in Bucharest

Mr Ognjen Crnogorac presenting candidature for the future EC U18 & U21

Bucharest, 26 October 2017. Intensive day in front of the 2017 U18 & U21 European championship in Bucharest, Romania started with the JJEU Board meeting while the organiser of the event prepared everything for the arrival of the teams. The Agenda of the meeting was extensive, including discussion and decision on calendar, European Ranking List, referees, personal data protection, athletes committee etc.

Europa Cup for under 15 years date set

JJEU and Van Diermen Sport Netherlands set the date for the Europa Cup for under 15 years in Fighting, DUO and Newaza.

In the city of Amersfoort (close to Utrecht and Amsterdam) JJEU will organise in cooperation with Van Diermen Sport Soest during the Dutch Open the Europa Cup for under 15 year old. This Europa Cup is the unofficial European Championship for under 15 years for all members of JJEU. In the same weekend the Dutch Open for U18/U21 and Adults will be organised.