Message from the JJEU Board – about participation at official events

Romania, November 20, 2013. JJEU Board discussed situation of participation of clubs from opposite federations to the official events on JJEU calendar. Nevertheless nations and clubs cooperation with other entities is on their own responsibility (and right) JJEU members should respect Statutes. If the country already has s national JJIF member participation of clubs and teams from other national federations (not under JJIF) may not be accepted (when in doubt status of the participant should be checked at national JJIF member). There can be exceptions when dealing with potential members and developing countries (where there is no official JJIF member yet).The general problem for every organizer is how to control and where and how to check the right to participate. In principle whenever in doubt organizer should consult with official member in respected country. A good practice in some national federation is that no one can participate in abroad activities without approval or at least acknowledge of national federation.

All organisers of the evenst under JJEU (like EC, EOC, ECC…) should respect membership rights and obligations.