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Wednesday, 17 February 2016 15:18
To he JJEU members. Please find enclosed a draft proposal for new JJEU Statutes. It is based on the statute from 2008 (valid at the moment but not yet harmonized with 2015 version of JJIF). Comments and suggestions are welcome up to 26.2.2016, when we have Board meeting - it will allow us to have preliminary evaluation of your proposals.
Of course members my propose changes from 26.2.2016 up to the 17.3.2016 as amendments (requires text of proposal with short explanation). Some changes may apply after JJIF evaluation of the text also as they need to approve our Statutes. JJEU General Assembly will evaluate and discus proposals and changes with aim to have wide support of our new Statutes.
We have started to work on this material already in October 2015 (within the Board and Committee Directors). Our wish is to have this updated statutes approved in Madrid with aim to go to June elections with new document valid already. Please read carefully, your suggestions and comments are highly appreciated. For easier reading you may find all changes in different colours (we have left old text and visibly marked changes).
Download this file (@JJEU Statutes PROPOSAL 2016 (ver 17.2.2016).pdf)Proposal of changes to JJEU Statutes[pdf]489 Kb17/02/16 15:27
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