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Friday, 09 October 2015 14:57

Board in Gelsenkirchen 3.10.2015Gelsenkirchen, Germany, October 3rd - 4th 2015. During "German Open" in Gelsenkirchen, Germany, JJEU Board and Commissioners have meetings in preparation for future activities (President Dario Quenza, Treasurer Michael Korn, Commissioners Tom Kempkens, Ronald Barten, Rick Frowyn and General Secretary Robert Perc).  The draft of 2016 Calendar has been on the table, previously already discussed with JJIF to harmonize joint activities in Europe.

After the 2015 JJIF Convention there is a lot of works ahead JJEU to prepare their documents to JJIF changes. At the end Board has thanked German Ju-jutsu Federation (DJJV) and its President Mr Roland Köhler for kind hospitality and good organisation of the events in Gelsenkirchen.

Gelsenkirchen - Board and German DJJV JJIFAmong others following important items were on the agenda:

- European Championships organisation Aspirant/Juniors in 2016 and beyond;
- building JJEU Ranking List;
- preparation for modification of JJEU Statutes and by-laws (drafts of changes have been accepted);
- organisation for future camps and seminars;
- extraordinary assembly in March in Spain;
- sponsorship concept and project orienting business;
- developing public relations and social media (website, Facebook, and Twitter for start);
- recording our history (documents, photos) and much more...

General Secretary Mr Robert Perc reported on the questionaries’ feedback – as Board wishes to do more to promote ju-jitsu and build sponsorship concept more data is required in order to prepare presentation materials. Up to the Board meeting only 10 countries out of 35 members have returned documents. Board has decided to give another call to members for required data – Board is evaluating possibility of JJIF Statutes measures about inactive members!

Countries who returned questionaries’ are: France, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Romania, Russia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland! TO JJEU MEMBERS: please send us your data as soon as possible - click here for more details (link to information from 17.9.2015 about members data)!

As there are many martial arts out there JJEU will also do more on the visibility and recognition of JJIF ju-jitsu among others. A call for members: please send us documents, especially photos of the activities before year 1995… We need to record our history and progress through decades (very important for future development also).

Please find more details in the document attached.

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