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Saturday, 28 February 2015 00:30
EC Almere 2015 logoDear Sport Friends! JJEU and Dutch Judo Federation (JBN) have the pleasure to invite you to the 2015 European Championship for seniors in Fighting System, Duo System and Ne-waza System in Almere Netherlands on June 6th to June 7th. JBN has proven already as professional and devoted organisers of big events, capable to cope with high demands of championships organisations and expectations from athletes, referees, coaches and other officials. This EC is organised in the city of Almere, with a support of local community and sport organisations.

JJEU General Assembly will take place at the beginning of the EC. Materials shall be provided later but on time. JJEU members are hereby invited to participate with suggestions and proposals for GA agenda and related. JJEU Treasurerelections will take place at GA. More details will follow.

You are invited to survey through championship materials to provide on-time information to the organisers about your participation. Please note important deadline: April 27th 2015.

EC Ju Jitsu Facebook page. Please see, and like, on

Update 1.4.2015: qualified referees for EC (corrected 7.4.2015).

Download this file (2015_Referees_Almere_7.4.2015.pdf)Qualified Referees[pdf]105 Kb07/04/15 17:33
Download this file (1. First entry(1).xlsx)First entry (new form)[xlsx]33 Kb15/03/15 21:48
Download this file (3. Entry by number and extra rooms(1).xlsx)Entry by number and extra rooms (new form)[xlsx]33 Kb15/03/15 21:47
Download this file (4. Entry by names(1).xlsx)Entry by names (new form)[xlsx]33 Kb15/03/15 21:47
Download this file (Invitation EC jujitsu 2015.pdf)Invitation to 2015 EC ju-jitsu, Almere, Netherlands[pdf]559 Kb28/02/15 00:43
Download this file (5. Travel details.xlsx)Travel details[xlsx]29 Kb28/02/15 00:43
Download this file (2. Hotel reservation.xlsx)Hotel reservation[xlsx]29 Kb28/02/15 00:41
Download this file (6. Visa request.xlsx)Visa request[xlsx]15 Kb28/02/15 00:40
Download this file (7. Statement of liability.doc)Statement of liability[doc]226 Kb28/02/15 00:40
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