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Monday, 23 February 2015 00:25
FFrankfurt workshoprankfurt – Germany. 21.2. -22.2.2015. Members of the JJEU Working Group, nominated by JJEU Board, have met in the Frankfurt during this weekend to finalize work on the organisation of ju-jitsu events. Working group of seven members of the board, JJEU Sport Director and technical representatives have already met in Tunisia during JJIF Technical Convention and WC in Paris 2014. The main objective of the group is to prepare guidelines of the organisers of ju-jitsu events with aim to improve quality of the events towards athletes, referees, coaches, public and media. Many reports from past activities were re-evaluated and discussed, together with good practices on dierent level or organisation. In the middle of March national federations will receive materials for evaluation and discussion.
Frankfurt workshop 2JJEU Board open meeting also took place. Most important item on the agenda was preparation to European Championship in Almere Netherlands, which will take place from June 5th to 7th 2015. Final text of the invitation was accepted and it is expected that national federation will receive invitation following week. Regarding Ne-Waza rules, coming into force January 1st , urgent need was recognized to additional referee training before major events in Europe (World Championship Athene, Paris Open, European Championship Netherlands…). A letter with issuer related to harmonisation process between Brazilian ju-jitsu rules and Ne-Waza rules will be dispatched to JJIF. Substantial amount of time was focused on the development of ju-jitsu, where present officials discusses proposals from Sport Director, President and present officials related to organisation of the JJEU to improve effectiveness, support members and delegate responsibilities. Among others, a special section on the website will be created where all the minutes of GA and the Board will be published – as a part of transparent display of work towards national members and public. Next Board meeting will be in Paris, during Paris Open.

Workshops and meetings were organised in good spirit and they were positive working experience. The last day president of the regional ju-jitsu federation of Hessen, Mr Thomas Meyer, has joined the discussion and wellcomed members of the Board and working Group.  JJEU President especially thanked Mr Michael Korn (DJJV) and German Ju-jitsu Federation (DJJV) for warm hospitality and assistance in preparation to the event.

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