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Saturday, 29 November 2014 10:16

JJEU meeting WC Paris 2014Paris - France. 27.11.-1.12.2014. New president elected, board in action.

Mr Dario Quenza from Italy was elected as new JJEU President at the extraordinary General Assembly in Paris. Among three candidates (Mr Philippe Merlin from France and Mr Michael Korn from Germany) he received absolute support from national delegates. At the beginning of the General Assembly the President of French Judo Ju-jitsu Federation (FFJDA) Mr Jean-Luc Rouge addressed the delegates and welcomed them on the World Ju-jitsu Championship. JJIF General Assembly which took place after JJEU gave insight of several of activities of JJIF leadership. Through the reports and debate all departments showed that JJIF is moving forward. And that was also one of the positive thoughts before the first competition day of 2014 World Championship.

On Friday newly elected JJEU President already summon the first meeting of the Board and Sport Director (Mr Christophe Brunet from France). Mr Korn and Mr Merlin were invited to participate and support on-going activities with their knowledge and experience. The guidelines were determined for short term actions up to the next general assembly and future activities.

Among other following projects were addressed: calendar of activities for 2015 and 2016, next EC in the Netherlands, work on the organisation handbook, establishing workgroup for Ethics in Fair-play to prepare protocols and procedures for annual fair play trophy award in Europe (“Christian Blareau Fair Play Trophy” will be awarder for the first time in Paris Open 2015), project champions league for clubs, Combat Camp Sweden, JJIF Convention participation and many more. Discussion was raised also to refresh JJEU official web site. JJIF and Athletes Facebooks sites were recognized as very good marketing and communication tools but official website has also proven its use. During championship several meetings took place with national members and officials on different levels regarding already mentioned project above.

Photo, from left to right: Stefan Badenski (Vice President), Dario Quenza (President), Philippe Merlin and Michael Korn, Robert Perc (General Secretary) and Christophe Brunet (Sport Director).

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