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Tuesday, 26 August 2014 18:31
JJEU working group in TunisiaDuring JJIF Convention in Tunis, Tunizija, JJEU Open Board sessions are taking place, defining future organisation of the events. One of the topics is also a calendar of activities. We kindly ask all members to send dates of the events 2015 and 2016 to Mr. Ronald Bartens, JJEU Event Commissioner and JJEU General Secretary.
In order to allow JJEU Board to prepare Calendar up to the German Open in October, we need your feedback no later than September 30 (candidatures for future big events (EC, ECup, ECC..), international tournaments and other international events)!! Thank you.

More about the JJIF Convention 2014 on the website and Facebook (Ju-jitsu International Federation JJIF -> JJIF Convention 2014).

Update 23.11.2014: provisional dates of ju-jitsu activities in Europea and JJIF related to JJEU: we are publishing provisional calendar of activities in Europe or Europe related. JJEU members are kindly invited to give suggestions and proposals to the JJEU Board!
Download this file (JJEU CALENDAR 2015 (draft 23.11.2014).pdf)JJEU Calendar of Activities 2015 (draft 23.11.2014)[pdf]34 Kb23/11/14 19:50
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