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Tuesday, 29 July 2014 06:22
Election of the JJEU President will take part at extraordinary JJEU General Assembly during JJIF WC Paris in November 2014. JJEU Board has decided in Paris May 3rd 2014 (and attested by JJEU General Assembly in Sweden, May 23rd) that extraordinary general assembly will take place during JJIF World Championship in Paris this year. This decision was previous coordinated with JJIF. There will be only one item on the agenda: 1. Election of the JJEU President.
By the rules candidates for the positions in the Continental Union Board must submit their candidacies at least 3 months before the day of the elections. This would mean that the deadline for candidacies for JJEU Board would be August 28th 2014 (as it is expected to have extraordinary JJEU on 27th or 28th of November 2014). However, due to multiple issues and as summer months of July/August are usual holiday months, JJEU Board has decided to prolong this deadline for one more month. This way fair and correct opportunity is given to all members and possible candidates to be informed about electoral process in due time.
The deadline for submitting the candidacies is therefore Monday, September 29th 2014.

The candidature must be supported with (a) short CV and (b) letter of support from National Federation.

Position to be elected by JJEU GA is: JJEU President.
Period of the mandate: to the end of JJEU Board mandate in 2016 when regular election of the whole Board will take place (two years!).
: candidature is on-time if JJEU General Secretary will receive it no later than September 29th 2014.

Schedule of the events: JJEU Board will announce candidatures on the official website and by e-mail to all member federations and JJIF no later than Friday, October 3rd 2014.

We kindly ask all candidates to send their applications to Robert Perc, JJEU General Secretary, by e-mail "robert.perc (at) jjeu.eu", in person or by ordinary post to address: Trg Matije Gubca 3, 8270 Krsko, Slovenija (with a copy to Dana Murgescu, JJIF General Secretary).

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