JJIF logoThe JJIF Convention is the platform on which Ju-Jitsu will be developed and organized in all directions with the active participation of all. The target of the JJIF Convention is to create the foundations of the development of the sport by the participation of all organized N.F’s members of JJIF and to set the criteria of a common educational program in all areas of Ju- Jitsu including management and leadership of the sport. Management and Organization matters, Social responsibility and Social activity programs, Referee, Teacher, Trainer and Coach Education and Training programs, Self-defense for all and Self-defense for Police and Army programs, Marketing and Media, and much more subjects will be analyzed, programmed and directed in order to support all N.F’s JJIF Members and especially those who are not organized in the proper way to be better organized and meet the criteria to represent Ju-Jitsu sport in their countries. The JJIF Convention will always be in conjunction with the JJIF Summer Camp and an International Open Championships (JJIF Convention Open) and in the future with the JJIF General Assembly.

We ask you to kindly provide information and the promotion of our first international convention within your Federation for impacting the whole of your licensees: leaders, teachers, coaches, referees, black belts, top athletes, and all of the practitioners of the various facets of expression of Jujitsu.It is necessary to fill out a form for each participant, by filling with precision, the various headings. The information collected, we will allow:

  • To best manage your registration.
  • You offer the best reception conditions, accommodation and quality services.
  • Fill in the data bank that the JJIF is currently to professionalize its information and communication system.

To redeem, capitalize on the skills, ideas, needs, your involvement and that of all the actors and current practitioners of Jujitsu is a necessity to advance along the path of the Olympic Games.
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Registration deadline: 5.7.2014!

Update 16.8.2014: Competition proposal YOUTH!

Download this file (Competition_Rules_Youth PROPOSAL 07-08-2014.pdf)Competition_Rules_Youth PROPOSAL 07-08-2014.pdf[p]144 Kb16/08/14 11:47
Download this file (JJIF CONVENTION 2014.pdf)Message from the JJIF President, July 2014[pdf]287 Kb10/07/14 20:42
Download this file (CONVENTION 2014 SCHEDULE.pdf)CONVENTION 2014 SCHEDULE.pdf[pdf]95 Kb10/07/14 20:42
Download this file (Letter from JJIF President.pdf)Letter from the JJIF President[pdf]195 Kb03/07/14 16:34
Download this file (CONVENTION INTERNATIONALE DE LA JJIF 2014 Français.pptx)JJIF Conventon - presentation[pptx]1460 Kb03/07/14 16:33
Download this file (INTERNATIONAL CONVENTION JJIF 2014 English.docx)JJIF Convention - introduction[docx]19 Kb03/07/14 16:33
Download this file (Inscription Convention  JJIF 2014 ENG3(blank).docx)Registration form[docx]34 Kb03/07/14 16:32
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