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2014 European Championship Aspirants&Juniors, Lund, Sweden PDF Print E-mail
Sunday, 01 December 2013 22:27

Lund Sweden 2014Lund, Sweden, May 24-25 2014. First invitation to the 2014 EUROPEAN CHAMPIONSHIP FIGHT, DUO AND NE-WAZA for ASPIRANTS (U18) AND JUNIORS (U21) is here. The booking forms (will be provided with second invitation) should have been returned to O.C. up to April 10 specifying the number of participants and other details. Payments related to event are expected to be done up to April 20. JJEU Board and organizing federation invites you to this important event and wish you a pleasant stay in Sweden.

JJEU General Assembly will be organized at the same event. More details will follow. For more information please visit official website of the event at www.jujitsu-jec2014.se or Facebook profile.

Update 26.3.2014: second invitation and registration/transport form added to the site. Please note updated bank account number. Expected deadline for payment is April 20th!
Update 17.5.2014: General Assembly materials and schedule of the events.

Download this file (Auditors Report JJEU 2013.pdf)Auditors Report JJEU 2013.pdf[ ]54 Kb21/05/14 07:47
Download this file (JJEU PLAN report 2013 and plan 2014-2015 (final).pdf)JJEU PLAN report 2013 and plan 2014-2015 (final).pdf[pdf]437 Kb20/05/14 20:21
Download this file (JJEU GA Lund 2014 - Proxy.doc)JJEU GA Lund 2014 - Proxy.doc[doc]44 Kb19/05/14 09:31
Download this file (EC Lund 2014 - shedule.pdf)EC Lund 2014 - shedule.pdf[ ]178 Kb19/05/14 09:23
Download this file (Agenda EC 18-21 Lund - final.pdf)Agenda EC 18-21 Lund - final.pdf[ ]65 Kb19/05/14 09:23
Download this file (MINUTES BOARD Paris 3.5.2014.pdf)MINUTES BOARD Paris 3.5.2014.pdf[ ]219 Kb19/05/14 09:23
Download this file (MINUTES board Romania 21.11.2013.pdf)MINUTES board Romania 21.11.2013.pdf[ ]261 Kb19/05/14 09:22
Download this file (MINUTES BOARD Waldorf 31.5.2013.pdf)MINUTES BOARD Waldorf 31.5.2013.pdf[ ]222 Kb19/05/14 09:22
Download this file (MINUTES BOARD PARIS 26.4.2013.pdf)MINUTES BOARD PARIS 26.4.2013.pdf[ ]215 Kb19/05/14 09:22
Download this file (Adritic Cup 2013 - REPORT TO THE JJEU BOARD (13.4.2014).pdf)Adritic Cup 2013 - REPORT TO THE JJEU BOARD (13.4.2014).pdf[ ]1085 Kb19/05/14 09:21
Download this file (Actual - Balance sheet 2013.xls)Actual - Balance sheet 2013.xls[ ]55 Kb19/05/14 09:21
Download this file (Budget 2014-2015 .xls)Budget 2014-2015 .xls[ ]49 Kb19/05/14 09:21
Download this file (Qualified Referees Lund.pdf)Qualified Referees [pdf]110 Kb30/04/14 10:10
Download this file (Country  Registration Hotel and Transfer  JEC 2014 1.2.xlsx)Registration and Transfer Form[xls]31 Kb26/03/14 18:26
Download this file (2st Invitation JEC 2014  1.2.pdf)2nd Invitation to Aspirant&Junior European Championship in Sweden[pdf]367 Kb26/03/14 18:25
Download this file (JJEU - 1st Invitation JEC 2014 2.1.pdf)1st Invitation to 2014 EC for Aspirants and Juniors, Lund - Sweden[pdf]363 Kb01/12/13 22:35
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Invitation to: Paris Open 2. - 4.5.2014 PDF Print E-mail
Sunday, 16 February 2014 15:49

Paris Open 2014 picThe French Judo, Jujitsu, Kendo and Associated Disciplines Federation (FFJDA) is honored to welcome you at Paris Jujitsu Tournament 2014.

Tournament will take place at INSTITUT DU JUDO, 21, 25 AVENUE DE LA PORTE DE CHATILLON 75014 PARIS from Friday, May 2nd to Sunday, May 4th 2014.

Referee seminar programme is attached! 

The place of this tournament initially fixed at the Institute of Judo in Paris was moved to Complexe sportif Marcel CERDAN 141 avenue Danton – 92300 LEVALLOIS PERRET  (13 kms de l’Institut du judo à Paris) - FIND MORE DETAILS IN ATTACHMENT.

Download this file (Change of place for Paris Open - important.pdf)IMPORTANT - CHANGE OF THE SPORT HALL!![pdf]31 Kb29/04/14 15:38
Download this file (Referee Seminar Paris, May 2014.pdf)Referee Seminar Programme (new 17.2.2014)[pdf]129 Kb17/02/14 16:20
Download this file (TP2014EN.pdf)Invitation (in English)[pdf]174 Kb16/02/14 15:55
Download this file (TP2014FR.pdf)Invitation (in French)[pdf]181 Kb16/02/14 15:54
Download this file (2014_PARIS_Form.doc)Registration form Fighting & Duo System[doc]165 Kb16/02/14 15:54
Download this file (2014_PARIS_Form NW.doc)Registration form Ne-Waza[doc]147 Kb16/02/14 15:53
Download this file (2014_PARIS_Form EQ.doc)Registration form Nationa Teams[doc]143 Kb16/02/14 15:53
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Invitation to: Robi Rajh Open 2014 - Maribor, Slovenia PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 28 February 2014 10:28

RobiRajhOpen2014ROBI RAJH OPEN – 2014 ECC International Tournament in JU-JITSU, April 12th and 13th and Fighting training camp April 14th- 16th.

Dear sport friends! Please find enclosed invitation to ECC traditional International Tournament 10th ROBI RAJH OPEN - 2014 in Maribor, Slovenia, fighting and DUO system for children’s, aspirants, juniors and seniors. The event will be organised in Sport Hall Tabor Maribor, Koresova ulica 7, SI-2000 Maribor, from Friday, April 11th to Sunday, April 13th 2014.

NEW THIS YEAR: participants are invited to stay in Maribor for three more days for Fighting training camp. More information in the attachments.

Update 26.3.2014: Second invitation published, fighting camp will not be organised.

Download this file (2th INVITATION R  RAJH - MARIBOR OPEN 2014.pdf)2nd Invitation to Robi Rajh Open 2014[pdf]508 Kb26/03/14 18:16
Download this file (1th INVITATION R  RAJH - MARIBOR OPEN 2014.pdf)1st Invitation to 10th Robi Rajh Open Maribor - Slovenia[pdf]513 Kb28/02/14 10:34
Download this file (registration R. Rajh 2014.xls)Registration form[xls]87 Kb28/02/14 10:34
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Dutch Open Reportage PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 26 March 2014 18:34
12 prov 3On Saturday 22nd of March at residence The Hague Judo Bond Netherlands organized the Dutch Open/12 Provinces Ju Jitsu Tournament. About 194 athletes where participating in DUO and fighting system. Tournament started at 10.00 o clock in the morning and the day was finished at 18.15 hour. All National athletes from Holland and Belgium were present, for those athletes this tournament was important for coming ECh and WCh.
Download this file (12 Provincieen medalwinners.pdf)Official Results[pdf]39 Kb26/03/14 18:43
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In memoriam: Herbert Frese PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 11 March 2014 12:41

Herbert FreseWith great sadness we heard that during last night our President and Friend quietly lost his last fight with illness.

Herbert Frese has been involved in martial arts for many decades, professionally as police officer (since 1974) and in German Ju-jutsu Federation (DJJV). In 1975 he started with karate and boxing and in 1979 with judo and ju-jutsu. He successfully participated in numerous national competitions and was a holder of DJJV licence of a ju-jutsu coach. He was author of six books and a video with a topic of self-defence and personally safety. In his sport carries he held a position of a club board members, Hessian Ju-jutsu Association board member from 1991 to 1995, President of Hessian Ju-jutsu Association from 1995 to 2005 and a President of German Ju-jutsu Federation (DJJV) from 2000 to 2010. From 2010 (and before) he has been involved in development of ju-jitsu on other continents as a special advisor to JJIF Board and from 2012 also a President of Ju-jitsu European Union (JJEU).

He was a fighter and he fought the illness with a great courage and optimism. Although things were not always looking good, he stayed strong, active, helping, being involved in JJIF and JJEU projects and above all – he was here for all of us when we need a leader - leader with example and professionalism, with a quiet voice but strong ethical and moral code. In 2013 he was awarded by JJIF Board as “Honorary JJIF President” for his strong role in ju-jitsu activities in past decades and expressed fair-play and example of bravery.

He came to JJEU as a President with a clear vision and focused on problem solving and development. That’s the way he left – never complaining and quietly as he came, working to the last breath.

We have lost a good friend, martial arts expert and great visionary. We express our deepest feelings of sympathy to Herberts’s wife Sina and family.


The funeral service will take place on Saturday, March 15, at 2:00 pm. Place: Cemetery chapel at 34454 Bad Arolsen-Wetterburg. Please respect, that there are no flower donations wanted.

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Invitation to: Dutch Open, 22.3.2014 PDF Print E-mail
Sunday, 16 February 2014 15:56
Judo Bond NetherlandJu Jitsu districts South of Holland (Zuid-Holland) herewith invites you to "12 Provinces Tournament" Ju-Jitsu Fighting-system, Ne-Waza en Duo-system will take place on Saturday March 22, 2014 at sport hall: Overbosch, Vlaskamp 3, The Hague, the Netherlands. The tournament is open for all members of the Dutch Judo Association and all countries which are member of the JJEU/JJIF.
Download this file (invitation 12 Provinces tournament March 22 2014 def.pdf)Invitation (in English)[pdf]96 Kb16/02/14 16:01
Download this file (Inschrijfformulier 12 Prov 2014 Newaza.xls)Registration form Ne-Waza[xls]131 Kb16/02/14 16:01
Download this file (Inschrijfformulier 12 Prov 2014 fighting.xls)Registration form Fighting[xls]131 Kb16/02/14 16:00
Download this file (Inschrijfformulier 12 Prov 2014 DUO.xls)Registration form Duo System[xls]135 Kb16/02/14 16:00
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Message from the JJEU Board - about participation at official events PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 07 February 2014 09:46

Romania, November 20, 2013. JJEU Board discussed situation of participation of clubs from opposite federations to the official events on JJEU calendar. Nevertheless nations and clubs cooperation with other entities is on their own responsibility (and right) JJEU members should respect Statutes. If the country already has s national JJIF member participation of clubs and teams from other national federations (not under JJIF) may not be accepted (when in doubt status of the participant should be checked at national JJIF member). There can be exceptions when dealing with potential members and developing countries (where there is no official JJIF member yet).The general problem for every organizer is how to control and where and how to check the right to participate. In principle whenever in doubt organizer should consult with official member in respected country. A good practice in some national federation is that no one can participate in abroad activities without approval or at least acknowledge of national federation.

All organisers of the evenst under JJEU (like EC, EOC, ECC...) should respect membership rights and obligations.

Last Updated on Friday, 07 February 2014 09:50
Invitation to: Bucharest Open & Corysan Cup 2014 PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 29 January 2014 23:41

CORYSAN Sports Club has the pleasure of inviting you to the 10th edition of Bucharest Ju-Jitsu Open & Corysan Cup reserved for children, cadets, aspirants, juniors and seniors (Duo, Fighting & Ne-Waza). The competition will take place on the date of March 15, 2014, at APOLLO Sports Center (address: 5 Energeticienilor Blvd., sector 3, Bucharest). The competition is run according to JJIF rules, with the some modifications (please see attachment for more details).

Download this file (Invitation Corysan Cup 2014.pdf)Invitation Corysan Cup 2014.pdf[pdf]593 Kb29/01/14 23:46
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Invtitation to: Jiu-Jitsu Camp Austria in March PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 28 January 2014 18:44
JJVOE logoAustria. Sacre Coeur Pressbaum. 1. - 2. March 2014. The JJVÖ present the 10th Jiu Jitsu United Event in cooperation with the Jiu Jitsu Goshindo dojo Pressbaum. Among the well-known coaches, like Shihan Pascal Stoupy, Shihan Bill Gatchell and the German Ne Waza vice-world-champion 2011 Wolfgang Heindel win. Parallel to the children’s course will be a female self-defence course by Austrian police officers and a Fighting, Duo and Ne Waza course for competitors held. A professional DJ support this cosy togetherness thereafter by, which guarantees the good mood. More information in attachments.
Download this file (Lehrgang 14 Anmedeformular.docx)Registration form[docx]45 Kb28/01/14 18:49
Download this file (Lehrgang 14 englisch.pdf)Invitation to Austrian Jiu-jitsu Camp 2014[pdf]476 Kb28/01/14 18:49
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