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JJIF logoThe JJIF Convention is the platform on which Ju-Jitsu will be developed and organized in all directions with the active participation of all. The target of the JJIF Convention is to create the foundations of the development of the sport by the participation of all organized N.F’s members of JJIF and to set the criteria of a common educational program in all areas of Ju- Jitsu including management and leadership of the sport. Management and Organization matters, Social responsibility and Social activity programs, Referee, Teacher, Trainer and Coach Education and Training programs, Self-defense for all and Self-defense for Police and Army programs, Marketing and Media, and much more subjects will be analyzed, programmed and directed in order to support all N.F’s JJIF Members and especially those who are not organized in the proper way to be better organized and meet the criteria to represent Ju-Jitsu sport in their countries. The JJIF Convention will always be in conjunction with the JJIF Summer Camp and an International Open Championships (JJIF Convention Open) and in the future with the JJIF General Assembly.

We ask you to kindly provide information and the promotion of our first international convention within your Federation for impacting the whole of your licensees: leaders, teachers, coaches, referees, black belts, top athletes, and all of the practitioners of the various facets of expression of Jujitsu.It is necessary to fill out a form for each participant, by filling with precision, the various headings. The information collected, we will allow:

  • To best manage your registration.
  • You offer the best reception conditions, accommodation and quality services.
  • Fill in the data bank that the JJIF is currently to professionalize its information and communication system.

To redeem, capitalize on the skills, ideas, needs, your involvement and that of all the actors and current practitioners of Jujitsu is a necessity to advance along the path of the Olympic Games.
Go to TUNIS for a best moment in our history.

Registration deadline: 5.7.2014!

Update 16.8.2014: Competition proposal YOUTH!

Download this file (Competition_Rules_Youth PROPOSAL 07-08-2014.pdf)Competition_Rules_Youth PROPOSAL 07-08-2014.pdf[p]144 Kb16/08/14 11:47
Download this file (JJIF CONVENTION 2014.pdf)Message from the JJIF President, July 2014[pdf]287 Kb10/07/14 20:42
Download this file (CONVENTION 2014 SCHEDULE.pdf)CONVENTION 2014 SCHEDULE.pdf[pdf]95 Kb10/07/14 20:42
Download this file (Letter from JJIF President.pdf)Letter from the JJIF President[pdf]195 Kb03/07/14 16:34
Download this file (CONVENTION INTERNATIONALE DE LA JJIF 2014 Français.pptx)JJIF Conventon - presentation[pptx]1460 Kb03/07/14 16:33
Download this file (INTERNATIONAL CONVENTION JJIF 2014 English.docx)JJIF Convention - introduction[docx]19 Kb03/07/14 16:33
Download this file (Inscription Convention  JJIF 2014 ENG3(blank).docx)Registration form[docx]34 Kb03/07/14 16:32
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Election of the JJEU President – announcement and invitation PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 29 July 2014 06:22
Election of the JJEU President will take part at extraordinary JJEU General Assembly during JJIF WC Paris in November 2014. JJEU Board has decided in Paris May 3rd 2014 (and attested by JJEU General Assembly in Sweden, May 23rd) that extraordinary general assembly will take place during JJIF World Championship in Paris this year. This decision was previous coordinated with JJIF. There will be only one item on the agenda: 1. Election of the JJEU President.
By the rules candidates for the positions in the Continental Union Board must submit their candidacies at least 3 months before the day of the elections. This would mean that the deadline for candidacies for JJEU Board would be August 28th 2014 (as it is expected to have extraordinary JJEU on 27th or 28th of November 2014). However, due to multiple issues and as summer months of July/August are usual holiday months, JJEU Board has decided to prolong this deadline for one more month. This way fair and correct opportunity is given to all members and possible candidates to be informed about electoral process in due time.
The deadline for submitting the candidacies is therefore Monday, September 29th 2014.

The candidature must be supported with (a) short CV and (b) letter of support from National Federation.

Position to be elected by JJEU GA is: JJEU President.
Period of the mandate: to the end of JJEU Board mandate in 2016 when regular election of the whole Board will take place (two years!).
: candidature is on-time if JJEU General Secretary will receive it no later than September 29th 2014.

Schedule of the events: JJEU Board will announce candidatures on the official website and by e-mail to all member federations and JJIF no later than Friday, October 3rd 2014.

We kindly ask all candidates to send their applications to Robert Perc, JJEU General Secretary, by e-mail "robert.perc (at) jjeu.eu", in person or by ordinary post to address: Trg Matije Gubca 3, 8270 Krsko, Slovenija (with a copy to Dana Murgescu, JJIF General Secretary).

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Invitation to: German Open 2014 PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 10 July 2014 20:47

german open 2014 logoDear Sport friends! German Open 2014 is schedule for October 3-5 2014 in Sports arena Schürenkamp, Grenzstr. 1, 45881 Gelsenkirchen. Host of the event is Deutscher Ju-Jutsu Verband e.V. (German Ju-Jitsu Federation) with local organizers: Nordrhein-Westfälischer Ju-Jutsu Verband e.V. and BSC Bushido-Ryu e.V. The tournament is a JJIF-Grand-Slam event and takes place in the world ranking list.

Please respect deadaline for registration and payment - September 22nd 2014!

Download this file (GO 2014 - Ausschreibung englisch 2014 07 03.pdf)Invitation to German Open 2014 (dated 3.7.2014)[pdf]3671 Kb10/07/14 20:50
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JJIF ranking list PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 10 July 2014 20:35
JJIF logoDear Ju-Jitsu friends, find attached the actual World Ranking List by July 1st, 2014

For the ones who like to control the calculation there are complete sheets as well. Please notice that the calculation is based on the date July 2014 – the point reduction by actuality included. As we still wait for information from Sportaccord about the next World Combat Games the “Combat Games Points” are calculated as well in the usual way with a two year period, without World Games and Combat Games. If the Games will take place in 2015 only 2014 year will be taken into account (decisions from GA 2013)

Further information about the method can be found on www.jjif.info.
Source:  Joachim (Joe) Thumfart, JJIFSports & Media Director

Download this file (JJIF WorldRanking_2014-07_complete.pdf)JJIF WorldRanking_2014-07_complete.pdf[pdf]294 Kb10/07/14 20:39
Download this file (JJIF WorldRanking_2014-07_CompleteCalculation.pdf)JJIF WorldRanking_2014-07_CompleteCalculation.pdf[pdf]712 Kb10/07/14 20:38
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Results: EOC Bucharest 2014 PDF Print E-mail
Official results of EOC in Bucharest, Romania.
Download this file (EOC_Medal_statistics.pdf)EOC Medal distribution per countries[pdf]36 Kb03/07/14 16:25
Download this file (EOC_Final_Results.pdf)EOC Final Results[pdf]227 Kb03/07/14 16:25
Invitation to: 2014 Ju-Jitsu European Open Cup (EOC). PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 29 April 2014 15:45

Bucharest Open 2014 smallBucharest, 14.6. - 15.6.2014. The Romanian Martial Arts Federation, Ju-Jitsu Department, is very pleased to welcome you back to the beautiful city of Bucharest, for the 2014 Ju-Jitsu European Open Cup (EOC). We expect the very best athletes from all over Europe to compete in Bucharest for a chance to qualify for the 2015 World Combat Games. At the same time, the 2014 EOC is the first European-level event where the ne-waza system will be present with 10 weight categories.

Our federation is proud to host once again an international event and we expect a week-end filled with top-quality competition, fair-play and friendship between all present.Good luck to all participants! We hope you will have a wonderful time in Romania!

Latest update: 8.6.2014 - schedule of the event.


LIVESTREAM -- >> The EOC livestream can be found at:  www.ustream.tv/channel/tv-2 www.ustream.tv/channel./tv1
Please check the event on FB and on www.jjif.info.

Download this file (EOC 2014 Bucharest Schedule V2.pdf)EOC 2014 Bucharest schedule![pdf]36 Kb08/06/14 10:18
Download this file (1st Invitation EOC 2014.pdf)1st INVITATION[pdf]399 Kb29/04/14 15:49
Download this file (Registration form EOC 2014.xlsx)Registration form[xls]15 Kb29/04/14 15:49
Download this file (Hotel booking EOC - 2014.xlsx)Hotel booking[xls]15 Kb29/04/14 15:48
Download this file (Airport transfer form EOC 2014.xlsx)Airport transfer [xls]11 Kb29/04/14 15:48
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Results: EC Aspirants & Juniors Lund 2014 PDF Print E-mail
Sunday, 25 May 2014 23:56

Copyright: sportway.seLund, 25.5.2014. On Sunday evening with final awarding ceremonies bringing to the explosives finales 2014 European Championship in Lund, Sweden has finished. JJEU congratulated Swedish Ju-jutsu Federation for warm hospitality of 20 nations at General Assembly and two competition days. At the farewell dinner with speeches from representatives of JJEU and Swedish JJEU Federation trophies for best rookies, best countries and most efficient teams were awarded (completed official results in attachment):

Best rookie female: Marielle Kouwensberg, aspirant -52 kg, The Netherlands
Best rookie male: Luna Salvatora, aspirants -46 , Italy
Best team: Russia
Most efficient team: Israel

Some pictures from the event available from following link -> www.sportway.se

Download this file (Results Sunday.pdf)Resulst Sunday[pdf]232 Kb26/05/14 00:22
Download this file (Results Saturday.pdf)Resulst Saturday[pdf]262 Kb26/05/14 00:20
Download this file (Medals per Country.pdf)Medals per countries[pdf]16 Kb26/05/14 00:18
Download this file (Medals per category.pdf)Medals per categories[pdf]35 Kb26/05/14 00:18
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2014 European Championship Aspirants&Juniors, Lund, Sweden PDF Print E-mail
Sunday, 01 December 2013 22:27

Lund Sweden 2014Lund, Sweden, May 24-25 2014. First invitation to the 2014 EUROPEAN CHAMPIONSHIP FIGHT, DUO AND NE-WAZA for ASPIRANTS (U18) AND JUNIORS (U21) is here. The booking forms (will be provided with second invitation) should have been returned to O.C. up to April 10 specifying the number of participants and other details. Payments related to event are expected to be done up to April 20. JJEU Board and organizing federation invites you to this important event and wish you a pleasant stay in Sweden.

JJEU General Assembly will be organized at the same event. More details will follow. For more information please visit official website of the event at www.jujitsu-jec2014.se or Facebook profile.

Update 26.3.2014: second invitation and registration/transport form added to the site. Please note updated bank account number. Expected deadline for payment is April 20th!
Update 17.5.2014: General Assembly materials and schedule of the events.

Download this file (Auditors Report JJEU 2013.pdf)Auditors Report JJEU 2013.pdf[ ]54 Kb21/05/14 07:47
Download this file (JJEU PLAN report 2013 and plan 2014-2015 (final).pdf)JJEU PLAN report 2013 and plan 2014-2015 (final).pdf[pdf]437 Kb20/05/14 20:21
Download this file (JJEU GA Lund 2014 - Proxy.doc)JJEU GA Lund 2014 - Proxy.doc[doc]44 Kb19/05/14 09:31
Download this file (EC Lund 2014 - shedule.pdf)EC Lund 2014 - shedule.pdf[ ]178 Kb19/05/14 09:23
Download this file (Agenda EC 18-21 Lund - final.pdf)Agenda EC 18-21 Lund - final.pdf[ ]65 Kb19/05/14 09:23
Download this file (MINUTES BOARD Paris 3.5.2014.pdf)MINUTES BOARD Paris 3.5.2014.pdf[ ]219 Kb19/05/14 09:23
Download this file (MINUTES board Romania 21.11.2013.pdf)MINUTES board Romania 21.11.2013.pdf[ ]261 Kb19/05/14 09:22
Download this file (MINUTES BOARD Waldorf 31.5.2013.pdf)MINUTES BOARD Waldorf 31.5.2013.pdf[ ]222 Kb19/05/14 09:22
Download this file (MINUTES BOARD PARIS 26.4.2013.pdf)MINUTES BOARD PARIS 26.4.2013.pdf[ ]215 Kb19/05/14 09:22
Download this file (Adritic Cup 2013 - REPORT TO THE JJEU BOARD (13.4.2014).pdf)Adritic Cup 2013 - REPORT TO THE JJEU BOARD (13.4.2014).pdf[ ]1085 Kb19/05/14 09:21
Download this file (Actual - Balance sheet 2013.xls)Actual - Balance sheet 2013.xls[ ]55 Kb19/05/14 09:21
Download this file (Budget 2014-2015 .xls)Budget 2014-2015 .xls[ ]49 Kb19/05/14 09:21
Download this file (Qualified Referees Lund.pdf)Qualified Referees [pdf]110 Kb30/04/14 10:10
Download this file (Country  Registration Hotel and Transfer  JEC 2014 1.2.xlsx)Registration and Transfer Form[xls]31 Kb26/03/14 18:26
Download this file (2st Invitation JEC 2014  1.2.pdf)2nd Invitation to Aspirant&Junior European Championship in Sweden[pdf]367 Kb26/03/14 18:25
Download this file (JJEU - 1st Invitation JEC 2014 2.1.pdf)1st Invitation to 2014 EC for Aspirants and Juniors, Lund - Sweden[pdf]363 Kb01/12/13 22:35
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Invitation to: Paris Open 2. - 4.5.2014 PDF Print E-mail
Sunday, 16 February 2014 15:49

Paris Open 2014 picThe French Judo, Jujitsu, Kendo and Associated Disciplines Federation (FFJDA) is honored to welcome you at Paris Jujitsu Tournament 2014.

Tournament will take place at INSTITUT DU JUDO, 21, 25 AVENUE DE LA PORTE DE CHATILLON 75014 PARIS from Friday, May 2nd to Sunday, May 4th 2014.

Referee seminar programme is attached! 

The place of this tournament initially fixed at the Institute of Judo in Paris was moved to Complexe sportif Marcel CERDAN 141 avenue Danton – 92300 LEVALLOIS PERRET  (13 kms de l’Institut du judo à Paris) - FIND MORE DETAILS IN ATTACHMENT.

Download this file (Change of place for Paris Open - important.pdf)IMPORTANT - CHANGE OF THE SPORT HALL!![pdf]31 Kb29/04/14 15:38
Download this file (Referee Seminar Paris, May 2014.pdf)Referee Seminar Programme (new 17.2.2014)[pdf]129 Kb17/02/14 16:20
Download this file (TP2014EN.pdf)Invitation (in English)[pdf]174 Kb16/02/14 15:55
Download this file (TP2014FR.pdf)Invitation (in French)[pdf]181 Kb16/02/14 15:54
Download this file (2014_PARIS_Form.doc)Registration form Fighting & Duo System[doc]165 Kb16/02/14 15:54
Download this file (2014_PARIS_Form NW.doc)Registration form Ne-Waza[doc]147 Kb16/02/14 15:53
Download this file (2014_PARIS_Form EQ.doc)Registration form Nationa Teams[doc]143 Kb16/02/14 15:53
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