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Invitation to: Robi Rajh Open 2015 PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 14 January 2015 11:19
invitationMaribor - Slovenia, February 14th and 15th. Ju-jitsu Club ADK Maribor and Ju-jitsu Federation of Slovenia have the pleasure to invite JJEU/JJIF members to traditional, 11th Robi Rajh Open International Tournament in ju-jitsu. This year organiser is introducing Children, Aspirant and Juniors categories. Please bear in mind that this is one of the last big events for those categories before World Championship.

In the process of preparation to WC training will be organised on Sunday afternoon and Monday morning by Slovenian national coach and guest coaches. More details in the invitation letter.

Expected deadline for registration is February 7th 2015!
Download this file (2nd INVITATION R. RAJH 2015 eng (ver 1.2 RP).pdf)Invitation to Robi Rajh Open 2015[pdf]570 Kb14/01/15 11:25
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Invitation to: German Open 2015 PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 14 January 2015 11:40

german open 2015 logoGelsenkirchen - Germany, October 3rd and 4th 2015. German Ju-jitsu Federation (DJJV), Nordrhein-Westfalischer Ju-Jutsu Verban e.V and BSC Bushido-Ryu e.V. have the pleasure to invite you to 2015 German Open International Tournament, which will take place in Gelsenkirchen in the beginning of October 2015. German Open is ranked as JJIF Grand Slam and JJEU ECC tournament. More information will follow.

Expected payment (registration) deadline is September 21st 2015! Please note that there is a limitation to overall number of participants per day.

Download this file (GO 2015 - Invitation english 2015 01 15.pdf)German Open 2015 Invitation[pdf]2258 Kb14/01/15 11:49
Download this file (GO_2015_Registration_english.xlsx)German Open 2015 Registration Form[xlsx]38 Kb14/01/15 11:48
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Invitation to: JJIF World Championship 2015 (Aspirants and Juniors) PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 30 October 2014 14:29
wc u18-21 2014 logoJu-jitsu International Federation and Greece Ju-jitsu Federation have the pleasure to invite JJIF members to World Champinship Aspirants&Juniors, which will take place in Athens Greece, from March 13th to March 15th 2015. Find enclosed first invitation with registration sheets. Expected deadline for your registrations is February 5th 2015.

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European Championship 2015 contract signed PDF Print E-mail
Sunday, 30 November 2014 20:03

EC 2015 meeting in Paris 30.11.2014Paris - France, 30.11.2014. After several months of intensive preparations and coordination the contract for EC 2015 between JJEU and Judo Bond Netherland (JBN - Ju-jitsu section) has been signed today. A standard issues contract for high ranking events is actually only one of the steps before EC will take place in the beginning of June 2015 (in Topsportcentrum in the city of Almere).

Preparation started more than a year ago with an application for organisation of the most important JJEU event. Members of the Netherlands ju-jitsu have shown outstanding professionalism when approaching this project. Netherland already hosted important international events, among them also World Championship in Rotterdam in 2006. Process of upgrading organisation of major international events is one of the ongoing JJEU activities so great expectations lie ahead of the 2015 European Championship. JJEU is also grateful to the JBN for giving support ju-jitsu activities worldwide.

Photo (from left to right): Mr Dario Quenza, JJEU President, Mr Rick Frowijn, JBN representative for ju-jitsu, Mr Christophe Brunet, JJEU Sport Director.

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Calendar of 2015 activities published PDF Print E-mail
Sunday, 30 November 2014 11:00

calendar jpg snapAccepted and approved by JJEU Board in Paris, France - 28.11.2014. During WC in Paris France JJEU board has accepted Calendar of activities for 2015. This information is also an invitation to all members to provide details related to their activities as soon as possible to allow on time and long term planning. JJIF activities in Europe were also coordinated with JJIF during the process of calendar preparation. In case of changes or additional activities JJEU members are encouraged to notify general secretary at earliest convenient time.

Calendar with some notes from JJEU and JJIF regarding right to participate at the official events is published in the section "Calendar".

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JJEU in a positive work atmosphere PDF Print E-mail
Saturday, 29 November 2014 10:16

JJEU meeting WC Paris 2014Paris - France. 27.11.-1.12.2014. New president elected, board in action.

Mr Dario Quenza from Italy was elected as new JJEU President at the extraordinary General Assembly in Paris. Among three candidates (Mr Philippe Merlin from France and Mr Michael Korn from Germany) he received absolute support from national delegates. At the beginning of the General Assembly the President of French Judo Ju-jitsu Federation (FFJDA) Mr Jean-Luc Rouge addressed the delegates and welcomed them on the World Ju-jitsu Championship. JJIF General Assembly which took place after JJEU gave insight of several of activities of JJIF leadership. Through the reports and debate all departments showed that JJIF is moving forward. And that was also one of the positive thoughts before the first competition day of 2014 World Championship.

On Friday newly elected JJEU President already summon the first meeting of the Board and Sport Director (Mr Christophe Brunet from France). Mr Korn and Mr Merlin were invited to participate and support on-going activities with their knowledge and experience. The guidelines were determined for short term actions up to the next general assembly and future activities.

Among other following projects were addressed: calendar of activities for 2015 and 2016, next EC in the Netherlands, work on the organisation handbook, establishing workgroup for Ethics in Fair-play to prepare protocols and procedures for annual fair play trophy award in Europe (“Christian Blareau Fair Play Trophy” will be awarder for the first time in Paris Open 2015), project champions league for clubs, Combat Camp Sweden, JJIF Convention participation and many more. Discussion was raised also to refresh JJEU official web site. JJIF and Athletes Facebooks sites were recognized as very good marketing and communication tools but official website has also proven its use. During championship several meetings took place with national members and officials on different levels regarding already mentioned project above.

Photo, from left to right: Stefan Badenski (Vice President), Dario Quenza (President), Philippe Merlin and Michael Korn, Robert Perc (General Secretary) and Christophe Brunet (Sport Director).

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Invitation to: World Championship Paris 2014 PDF Print E-mail
Saturday, 16 August 2014 11:49

Paris wc 2014 logoParis, November 2014. In 1996, France welcomed world championships JUJITSU at the stadium Pierre de Coubertin. Eighteen years later, on November 28th, 29th and 30th, 2014, the French Federation of Judo, Jujitsu, Kendo and Associated Disciplines is happy to welcome again this world competition. The Ju-jitsu International Federation and French Federation of Judo, Jujitsu, Kendo and Associated Disciplines  welcome all delegations which for sure will appreciate these three disciplines, DUO SYSTEM, JUJITSU COMBAT and JUJITSU NE-WAZA.

Update 9.11.2014: JJIF General Assembly Agenda and related.
Updates 10.11.2014: Right to participate - age (review of the previous JJIF Board decision) and aditional documents for general assembly (reports).
Updates 23.11.2014: more reports.
Updates 25.11.2014: more reports.
Update 25.11.2014: LIVE STREAM link --> http://channel.theworldgames.org/

Location of the General Assembly: French Judo Jujitsu Federation, 21/25 avenue de la porte de Châtillon, 75014 PARIS!
Sport Hall location: STADE PIERRE DE COUBERTIN, 82 Avenue Georges Lafont, 75016 Paris, France.
Download this file (JJIF General Secretary Activity Report - 2014.pdf)Report JJIF General Secretary[pdf]203 Kb25/11/14 23:11
Download this file (Report - Sports and Media.pdf)JJIF Report on Sports and Media[pdf]1434 Kb25/11/14 08:14
Download this file (Report 1st JJIF Convention in Tunis.pdf)JJIF Convention Report Tunis[pdf]465 Kb25/11/14 08:13
Download this file (2014-rules U15 - Convention.pdf)JJIF Convention Report - rules U15[pdf]108 Kb25/11/14 08:13
Download this file (VP Sung\'s Report at the 2014 JJIF GA.pdf)Report JJIF Vice President Sung[pdf]186 Kb25/11/14 08:12
Download this file (2014 comp.png)JJIF Sport Director proposal for competition categories[png]64 Kb25/11/14 08:11
Download this file (Message from JJIF General Secretary.JPG)Message from the JJIF General Secretary!![jpg]98 Kb23/11/14 19:55
Download this file (Proxy GA JJIF - Model.pdf)JJIF GENERAL ASSEMBLY PROXY[pdf]15 Kb23/11/14 19:53
Download this file (Athlete_Commitment(1).pdf)Athlete Commitment (to be delivered to JJIF in Paris)[pdf]80 Kb23/11/14 19:53
Download this file (Athletes\' Commission annual_report 2014.pdf)Report JJIF Athletes Commission [pdf]1271 Kb23/11/14 19:40
Download this file (EN TB_REPORT_PARIS_2014.pdf)Report of the JJIF Vice President Tomo Borissov[pdf]185 Kb23/11/14 19:40
Download this file (JJIFannualreport2014igor lanzoni.pdf)Report of the JJIF Vice President Igor Lanzoni[pdf]224 Kb23/11/14 19:39
Download this file (JJIF Report Budget 2015.pdf)JJIF Report - Budget 2015[pdf]54 Kb23/11/14 19:38
Download this file (Report Paris 2014-rev  3 [Skrivebeskyttet].pdf)Report of the JJIF Referee Committee Director - updated[pdf]1191 Kb23/11/14 19:38
Download this file (Report of the General Direction of the JJIF.pdf)Report of the General Direction of the JJIF.pdf[pdf]224 Kb10/11/14 23:28
Download this file (Report Paris 2014-2 - Referee Committee-1.pdf)Report of the JJIF Referee Committee Director[pdf]1190 Kb10/11/14 23:34
Download this file (2014_PARIS_Outlines UPDATE 220914_2nd version.pdf)SECOND Invitation to 2014 WC ju-jitsu, Paris, France[pdf]2116 Kb10/11/14 23:03
Download this file (149 - Board decision - age for seniors WCh.pdf)Attention – right to participate, age for seniors !![pdf]155 Kb10/11/14 19:50
Download this file (GA Agenda proposal of the President.pdf)JJIF GA Agenda proposal from the President[pdf]323 Kb09/11/14 19:54
Download this file (JJIF  2013 GA Minutes.pdf)JJIF 2013 General Assembly Minutes[pdf]323 Kb09/11/14 19:53
Download this file (JJIF 2013 Minutes of the TC, 2013.pdf)JJIF 2013 Technical Convention Minutes[pdf]237 Kb09/11/14 19:53
Download this file (JJIF 2013 independednt Auditor report.pdf)JJIF Independend Auditor Report for year 2013[pdf]191 Kb09/11/14 19:52
Download this file (JJIF Report Balance sheet Year 2013 12 31.pdf)JJIF Financial Report Balance Sheet 31.12.2013[pdf]80 Kb09/11/14 19:51
Download this file (JJIF Report results Year 2013 12 31.pdf)JJIF Financial Report Result 31.12.2013[pdf]92 Kb09/11/14 19:51
Download this file (Paris - invitation to FAREWELL PARTY.pdf)Invitation to Farewell Party[pdf]80 Kb30/10/14 14:54
Download this file (Registration form Wch seniors 2014, Paris.xlsx)Registration form[xlsx]15 Kb06/10/14 02:03
Download this file (2014_Referees_Paris.pdf)Qualified referees[pdf]1021 Kb06/10/14 01:56
Download this file (2014_PARIS_INVITATION_070814.pdf)Invitation to 2014 World Championship ju-jitsu, Paris, France[pdf]4037 Kb16/08/14 12:16
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Election of JJEU President - candidates PDF Print E-mail
Saturday, 11 October 2014 11:19
JJEU LOGOThree candidates have filed in candidatures for JJEU President. Report from General Secretary and presentations of candidates are attached. Exact time of extraordinary assembly will be announced after October 20th (together with JJIF invitation to JJIF GA). Please note that JJEU extraordinary GA will take place somewhere within planned time for JJIF GA, but exact time will be presented later as mention above. Conditions and procedures were already explained in our announcement from July 27th. For smooth process please take care that National Delegates with the right to vote will have also JJEU Proxy (not only JJIF proxy for JJIF GA!) presented to JJEU General Secretary by e-mail up to the November 20th or before the start of GA.
Update 9.11.2014: we would like to inform all JJEU members that after co-ordination with JJIF our JJEU extraordinary assembly will start at 13.00 hours on Thursday, November 27th 2014! In the same room where JJIF General Assembly will take place at 14.00 hours. It is expected to finish JJEU extraordinary assembly at 13:45 hours - in order to respect schedule of events all members are kindly asked to present themselves with a proxy in the meeting room no later than 13.00 hours. Thank you.
Update 23.11.2014: date, time and location of the JJEU General AssemblyJJEU General Assembly will start on Thursday, 27.11.2014, at 13.00 hours in the French Judo Jujitsu Federation, 21/25 avenue de la porte de Châtillon, 75014 PARIS! (not hotel Mercure). JJIF General Assembly will start on same location at 14.00 hours!
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Calendar 2015-2016 - call to members PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 26 August 2014 18:31
JJEU working group in TunisiaDuring JJIF Convention in Tunis, Tunizija, JJEU Open Board sessions are taking place, defining future organisation of the events. One of the topics is also a calendar of activities. We kindly ask all members to send dates of the events 2015 and 2016 to Mr. Ronald Bartens, JJEU Event Commissioner and JJEU General Secretary.
In order to allow JJEU Board to prepare Calendar up to the German Open in October, we need your feedback no later than September 30 (candidatures for future big events (EC, ECup, ECC..), international tournaments and other international events)!! Thank you.

More about the JJIF Convention 2014 on the website www.jjif.info and Facebook (Ju-jitsu International Federation JJIF -> JJIF Convention 2014).

Update 23.11.2014: provisional dates of ju-jitsu activities in Europea and JJIF related to JJEU: we are publishing provisional calendar of activities in Europe or Europe related. JJEU members are kindly invited to give suggestions and proposals to the JJEU Board!
Download this file (JJEU CALENDAR 2015 (draft 23.11.2014).pdf)JJEU Calendar of Activities 2015 (draft 23.11.2014)[pdf]34 Kb23/11/14 19:50
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