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Invitation to: Balkan Open 2015 PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 16 September 2015 08:56
Balkan Open 2015Please find enclosed herewith the invitation for the BALKAN OPEN CHAMPIONSHIP (25.9. - 28.9.2015), which will take place in BANJA LUKA, BOSNIA HERZEGOVINA. The city of BANJA LUKA is honoured to host this prestigious competition in 2015, accompanied also by the hosting of the WORLD JU-JITSU CUP FOR CADETS U15.
Update: 29.9.2015: official results attached!
Download this file (Results Balkan Open World Cup U15.pdf)Results Balkan Open World Cup U15.pdf[pdf]475 Kb29/09/15 09:40
Download this file (2nd Invitation Balkan Championship 2015 - 24.06.2015   final edition.pdf)Balkan Open 2015 and World Cup U15 - Invitation[pdf]1672 Kb16/09/15 09:02
Download this file (Hotel booking U15 World Cup & Balkan Open 2015.xlsx)Hotel Booking[xlsx]15 Kb16/09/15 09:02
Download this file (Registration form Balkan Open - 2015.xlsx)Registration - Balkan Open 2015[xlsx]25 Kb16/09/15 09:01
Download this file (Registration form U15 World Cup 2015.xlsx)Registration - World Cup 2015[xlsx]16 Kb16/09/15 09:00
Download this file (Payment Instruction (1).pdf)Payment Instructions[pdf]135 Kb16/09/15 08:58
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Training Camp in France in August - information PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 26 June 2015 16:22

JJEU Training Camp France 2015The French Federation of Judo Ju-jitsu in cooperation and support of JJEU invites to International Ju-jitsu Training Camp in fighting, ne-waza and duo, which will take place in the city of Coarraze (near Pau) in the South of France. Training camp will be organised from August 24th to August 28th 2015. More details in the attachment.

Your inscription is expected at your earliest convinient time.

Download this file (French Training Camp 2015 COARRAZE Version GB.pdf)International Training Camp in France, 24.-28.8.2015[pdf]386 Kb26/06/15 16:26
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EC Almere 2015 - Official Results PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 15 June 2015 21:00

EC Almere 2015 logoThe Dutch Judo Federation, aka JBN, was proud to hold the European Championship 2015 for seniors in Fighting, DUO and Newaza system. 281 participants in different disciplines had a great weekend at Almere the Netherlands. On Saturday all fighting competitions had place and all fights for DUO Men and Women. On Sunday all Newaza fights held place, DUO Mix and the Country Competition. France, also overall winner with most medals, won Team Competition in a very exciting finale against Germany. Russia became 3trd and the Netherlands 4th and Sweden became 5th in this competition. At Sunday night there was a Gala party at the Sport Venue which was visited by about 200 people.

In attachment you my find officiar results, attested by the JJEU Sport Director.

Download this file (ALMERE 2015 Final Results E.Ch. Seniors 2015.pdf)EC Almere 2015 - Official Results [pdf]237 Kb26/06/15 15:46
Download this file (ALMERE 2015 EC 2015 Almere Medalwinners.pdf)EC Almere 2015 - Official Results - Medals[pdf]33 Kb26/06/15 15:45
Download this file (ALMERE 2015 Final Results Teams.pdf)EC Almere 2015 - Official Results - Teams[pdf]82 Kb26/06/15 15:45
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Congratulations to the new Treasurer PDF Print E-mail
Sunday, 07 June 2015 14:50

Michael KornAt the beginning of the European Championship Ju-jitsu 2015 in Almere, Netherlands, General Assembly also took place. Among other issues on the agenda, assembly elected Mr Michael Korn to the JJEU Board in a position of JJEU Treasurer. He will remain on this position up to the general elections of the whole board in 2016.

Mr Korn has been active in JJEU for many years, lately especially as adviser and member of working group, preparing organisation handbook. He train martial arts since 1979. His Budo sports are Ju-Jitsu, Ju-Jutsu, Judo and Karate. A start of practicing Ju-Jutsu was with Heinz Lamade (9th Dan Ju-Jutsu). He worked over 10 years on the Board of the DJJV together with Herbert Frese (former President of the DJJV and the JJEU). During the weekend he already started with meetings and proposal to increase efficiency of future financial management of JJEU.

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JJIF Convention - message from the JJEU Board PDF Print E-mail
Sunday, 07 June 2015 14:49
JJIF logo1Ju-jitsu International Federation (JJIF) is organising second ju-jitsu convention from July 19th to July 26th this year in Kamena Vourla, Greece (more details available on the JJEU website www.jjeu.eu and JJIF website www.jjif.info and JJIF Facebook page).

Among other things major revision of fundamental JJIF documents and structure or ju-jitsu organisation will be a part of working groups meetings and discussions. Technical training for athletes, coaches and referees will again revised ne-waza rules and establish some clear guidelines for the future of our sport and martial art.

Items on the agenda will for sure effect management and future organisation of ju-jitsu in Europe also. We find it extremely important that JJEU voices will be heard in the process of preparing decisions for the future. It is worth mentioning that JJIF General Assembly will take place there too – a reason more that Europa is present, assisting and contributing to development activities and shape of our family worldwide.

JJEU Board would like to encourage decision makers to find the way to participate or allow participation of representatives of JJEU members on different levels of expertise.
Download this file (JJEU_message_to_members_JJIF_Convention_2015.png)Message from the JJEU Board[png]1909 Kb07/06/15 15:28
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Materials for JJEU General Assembly in Almere PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 20 May 2015 10:32
Dear members, sport friends. Please find enclosed materials related to JJEU General Assembly in Almere - agenda and related. JJEU Board wish you a plesent stay in the Netherlands.
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EC Almere 2015 - urgent reminder PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 22 April 2015 14:36

EC Almere 2015 logoDear Sport Friends! European Championship in Almere is closing very fast. In a few days deadline for registration is due. We kindly ask national members, not registered yet, to send the organiser information regarding participation as soon as possible but no later than April 27th. Organisation of EC is a huge project and your prompt cooperation and participation is a key element of good preparation of the event. If registration and payment is received after April 27th the organiser cannot guarantee accommodation - further more, additional extra cost will arise for payments.

Thank you for your understanding and please – send the info as soon as possible and do not forget for payment before the deadline.

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Invitation to: Paris Open 2015 and JJEU Referee Seminar PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 07 April 2015 17:06

Paris Open 2015 logoThe French Federation of Judo, Jujitsu, Kendo and applied disciplines is happy to welcome You once again to participate in Paris tournament 2015. This year again, more than 20 nations from all over the world will unite to participate in the competition. As for the world championships that took place in Paris in november of the last year, you will find the 3 disciplines: DUO SYSTEM, JUJITSU COMBAT and JUJITSU NE-WAZA.Welcome to Paris and good luck to all participating delegations ! Please note the change of location - this year Paris Open is organised at:

Espace Omnisports
Place Woking
Paris - France.

Updates 13.4.2015: a) referee course information/invitation; b) updates on the number of athletes per country/category.

Download this file (2015_PARIS_Outlines update 100415.pdf)Paris Open 2015 Invitation UPDATED![pdf]902 Kb13/04/15 20:16
Download this file (Referee Course, Paris, May 2015.pdf)Paris Referee Course Information[pdf]211 Kb13/04/15 20:16
Download this file (2015_PARIS_Outlines.pdf)Paris Open 2015 Invitation[pdf]902 Kb07/04/15 17:15
Download this file (Inscriptions nations tableau vierge.xlsx)Registration form[xlsx]35 Kb07/04/15 17:14
Download this file (2015_PARIS_Form numerical.doc)Registration - by numbers of participants[doc]118 Kb07/04/15 17:13
Download this file (2015_PARIS_Form media.doc)Registration - Media[doc]93 Kb07/04/15 17:12
Download this file (2015_PARIS_Form visa.doc)Visa form[doc]92 Kb07/04/15 17:12
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Invitation to: European Championship 2015 in Almere, Netherlands PDF Print E-mail
Saturday, 28 February 2015 00:30
EC Almere 2015 logoDear Sport Friends! JJEU and Dutch Judo Federation (JBN) have the pleasure to invite you to the 2015 European Championship for seniors in Fighting System, Duo System and Ne-waza System in Almere Netherlands on June 6th to June 7th. JBN has proven already as professional and devoted organisers of big events, capable to cope with high demands of championships organisations and expectations from athletes, referees, coaches and other officials. This EC is organised in the city of Almere, with a support of local community and sport organisations.

JJEU General Assembly will take place at the beginning of the EC. Materials shall be provided later but on time. JJEU members are hereby invited to participate with suggestions and proposals for GA agenda and related. JJEU Treasurerelections will take place at GA. More details will follow.

You are invited to survey through championship materials to provide on-time information to the organisers about your participation. Please note important deadline: April 27th 2015.

EC Ju Jitsu Facebook page. Please see, and like, on www.facebook.com/ecjujitsu

Update 1.4.2015: qualified referees for EC (corrected 7.4.2015).

Download this file (2015_Referees_Almere_7.4.2015.pdf)Qualified Referees[pdf]105 Kb07/04/15 17:33
Download this file (1. First entry(1).xlsx)First entry (new form)[xlsx]33 Kb15/03/15 21:48
Download this file (3. Entry by number and extra rooms(1).xlsx)Entry by number and extra rooms (new form)[xlsx]33 Kb15/03/15 21:47
Download this file (4. Entry by names(1).xlsx)Entry by names (new form)[xlsx]33 Kb15/03/15 21:47
Download this file (Invitation EC jujitsu 2015.pdf)Invitation to 2015 EC ju-jitsu, Almere, Netherlands[pdf]559 Kb28/02/15 00:43
Download this file (5. Travel details.xlsx)Travel details[xlsx]29 Kb28/02/15 00:43
Download this file (2. Hotel reservation.xlsx)Hotel reservation[xlsx]29 Kb28/02/15 00:41
Download this file (6. Visa request.xlsx)Visa request[xlsx]15 Kb28/02/15 00:40
Download this file (7. Statement of liability.doc)Statement of liability[doc]226 Kb28/02/15 00:40
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