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Invitation to: JJEU&DJJV Summer Camp in Hachen PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 26 February 2016 02:34

hachen start 2

Ju-Jits European Union & German Ju-Jitsu Federation have the pleasure to invite Ju-Jutsu and Jiu-Jitsu athletes interested in Fighting, Duo, Ne-waza / BJJ, coaches and referees (U18, U21 and Seniors) JU-JITSU SUMMER CAMP from August 22nd to August 29th 2016. Location: Village of Landessportbund Nordrhein-Westfalen e.V., Willi-Weyer-school, sports school Hachen, Am Holthahn 1, 59846 Sundern-Hachen. JJEU and DJJV are looking forward seeing you.

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Proposal of new JJEU Statutes PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 17 February 2016 15:18
To he JJEU members. Please find enclosed a draft proposal for new JJEU Statutes. It is based on the statute from 2008 (valid at the moment but not yet harmonized with 2015 version of JJIF). Comments and suggestions are welcome up to 26.2.2016, when we have Board meeting - it will allow us to have preliminary evaluation of your proposals.
Of course members my propose changes from 26.2.2016 up to the 17.3.2016 as amendments (requires text of proposal with short explanation). Some changes may apply after JJIF evaluation of the text also as they need to approve our Statutes. JJEU General Assembly will evaluate and discus proposals and changes with aim to have wide support of our new Statutes.
We have started to work on this material already in October 2015 (within the Board and Committee Directors). Our wish is to have this updated statutes approved in Madrid with aim to go to June elections with new document valid already. Please read carefully, your suggestions and comments are highly appreciated. For easier reading you may find all changes in different colours (we have left old text and visibly marked changes).
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Invitation: to JJEU extraordinary General Assembly PDF Print E-mail
Saturday, 06 February 2016 13:09
JJEU LOGO rgbPursuing article 3.1.22 and of JJEU Statutes all JJEU member federations are hereby invited to the
JJEU Extraordinary General Assembly, which will take place in Alcobendas, Madrid - Spain, March 17 2016, before JJIF World Championship Juniors. Objective of the extraordinray GA is to discuss and accept new (updated) JJEU Statutes.
At the Board session in Gelsenkirchen, Germany, from October 3rd to 5th 2015, among other things, calendar of activities for 2016 has been accepted. As JJIF has changed Statutes at the General Assembly in July 2015, JJEU Board has started to work on the JJEU Statutes to reach harmonization and follow new JJIF Statues with objective to prepare updated legislative for 2016 JJEU General Assembly (electoral assembly) in Gent, Belgium.
In 2016 new JJEU Board will be elected on regular assembly as planned by the calendar - and after that committees etc. With aim to avoid complications and delays JJEU Board has decided to have first extraordinary GA in March to accept new Statutes which than the electoral GA in Gent will follow. Since October 2015 Board has working on the text of new (updated) statutes. As we were monitoring and evaluating recent development in JJIF we have decided to meet again (JJEU Board) end of February before sending out text of proposal of updated JJEU Statutes.
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Invitation to: Andrea Rola int. tournament in Genoa, Italy PDF Print E-mail
Sunday, 17 January 2016 20:41
Andrea Rola 2016 coverASSOCIAZIONE ITALIANA JU JITSU in collaboration with Centro Sportivo Paladonbosco has the pleasure to invite you at 16th International Open “ANDREA ROLA” international tournament for age categories U18/U15/U12/U10 in disciplines ju-jitsu fighting, duo and ne-waza. Competition is reserved to Clubs of Federations affiliated with JJEU/JJIF.

Date and place of the event: Saturday April 2 and Sunday April 3 2016 in Genoa, Italy in the sport hall “Sport Hall Don Bosco, Instituto Don Bosco”, Via S.G. Bosco 14 R, Genoa.
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Invitation to: WC Juniors Madrid, Spain PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 05 January 2016 10:22
Madrid WC U21 coverJJIF has just relase first invitation for 2016 World Championship Ju-jitsu for Juniors (U21), which will take place in Madrid - Spain, from March 18th do 20th. More details will follow.

Update 17.1.2016: 2nd Invitation.
Download this file (2nd Invitation 2016 U21 WCh - Madrid.pdf)Second Invitation[pdf]1185 Kb17/01/16 21:03
Download this file (1st Invitation 2016 U21 WCh.pdf)First Invitation[pdf]310 Kb05/01/16 10:25
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Invitation to: Winter Camp Bulgaria PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 06 January 2016 20:21
winter camp 2016 coverJJEU has the pleasure to present to your attention the Invitation for the Winter Camp in Bansko, Bulgaria from February 17th to 22nd. The Winter Camp is approved by the Board of JJEU and is included in the Official Calendar of JJEU for 2016. Bulgarian Ju-jitsu Federation is proud to organise this event in the beautiful winter ski resort Bansko. Your registration is expected up to Januar 25th with a deposit up to January 20th 2016. Details with programme in attachment.
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Ju-jitsu club ADK Maribor wins 2015 Adriatic Cup League Trophy PDF Print E-mail
Sunday, 03 January 2016 19:43
Skopje, FYR Macedonia, 7.11.2015. Skopje, capital of Macedonia, hosted international ju-jitsu tournament and finals of Adriatic Cup 2015 (Team Champions League). Ju-jitsu clubs from Slovenia (JJK ADK Maribor), Bosnia and Herzegovina (JJK SRPSKA Sarajevo), Serbia (JJK N&F Aleksinac) and Macedonia (JJK OSENSEI Štip) presented their best fighters for the 2015 trophy.

Results of semi-finals: JJK ADK Maribor vs. OSENSEI Štip 6:0, JJK SRPSKA Sarajevo vs. JJK N&F Aleksinac 3:3 (in favour of N&F with more technical points. In the final match JJK ADK Maribor and JJK N&F Aleksinac showed no retreats and excellent fights finished with the with the result of 4:2 in favour of ju-jitsu club ADK from Maribor, Slovenia. Third place went to the team SRPSKA from Sarajevo (the result of the match with OSENSEI Štip was 4:2).

The international tournament and Adriatic's team finals for the 2015 was hosted and visited by the Minister for Youth and Sport of Macedonia.

After the competition the annual congress of Adriatic Champions League took place. Among other issues the dates for 2016 activities were accepted, with first matches to take place and international tournament Robi Rajh in Maribor (Slovenia) and Aleksinac (Serbia). The finals will take place in Banja Luka (Bosna and Herzegovina) in June 2016. Congress has agreed with first three teams to participate and the European Champions League Finals of 2015 which is planned on February 13th 2016 in Maribor. (Information prepared by Karl Kelc)

Skopje all teams Skopje - Minister of Youth and Sport Skopje winning team from Slovenia

Photo 1: all participating teams.
Photo 2: Jens Gotwald from Germany, Aleksandar Acevski (President of Macedonian Federation and Adriatic Cup), Karl Kelc (General Secretary Adriatic Cup and European Champions League), Marjan Spaseski (Director Youth and Sport Agency), Dean Sokolovski (General Secretary Macedonian Federation).
Photo 3: winners, ju-jitsu club JJK ADK Maribor from Slovenia.
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Message from the JJEU Board related to invitation to extraordinary JJIF GA PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 10 November 2015 16:04
Philippsburg, Germany, 1.11.2015. JJEU Board has met at extraordinary board meeting in Germany as a part of preparation of decision evaluation of last meeting and invitation from JJIF President, Mr Panagiotis Theodoropoulos, to the JJIF General Assembly’s extraordinary meeting in Bangkok. Debate was open, wide and with a lot of concern.

JJEU Board has difficulties to accept haste for second and extraordinary JJIF GA only four months after last one in Greece with some items which were part of GA Agenda in July (like Statute issues). Nevertheless it accepts the importance of every single point on the agenda with surprise that speed is ahead of relevance. Even when put aside legal reservations it is at least not correct to demand from members of JJIF with right to vote to decide on tectonic changes of our organisation without proper time and sufficient materials to support decision making process (what grounds are provided to have a debate among members to prepare and decide – not very responsible). Agenda without prior materials and relevant information causes discomfort (and more).

After consideration of many possible motives, incentives, scenarios, past experiences and overall responsibilities to member federation, outcomes and consequents JJEU Board unanimously took the following stand:
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Message from the Board: Report from Gelsenkirchen PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 09 October 2015 14:57

Board in Gelsenkirchen 3.10.2015Gelsenkirchen, Germany, October 3rd - 4th 2015. During "German Open" in Gelsenkirchen, Germany, JJEU Board and Commissioners have meetings in preparation for future activities (President Dario Quenza, Treasurer Michael Korn, Commissioners Tom Kempkens, Ronald Barten, Rick Frowyn and General Secretary Robert Perc).  The draft of 2016 Calendar has been on the table, previously already discussed with JJIF to harmonize joint activities in Europe.

After the 2015 JJIF Convention there is a lot of works ahead JJEU to prepare their documents to JJIF changes. At the end Board has thanked German Ju-jutsu Federation (DJJV) and its President Mr Roland Köhler for kind hospitality and good organisation of the events in Gelsenkirchen.

Gelsenkirchen - Board and German DJJV JJIFAmong others following important items were on the agenda:

- European Championships organisation Aspirant/Juniors in 2016 and beyond;
- building JJEU Ranking List;
- preparation for modification of JJEU Statutes and by-laws (drafts of changes have been accepted);
- organisation for future camps and seminars;
- extraordinary assembly in March in Spain;
- sponsorship concept and project orienting business;
- developing public relations and social media (website, Facebook, and Twitter for start);
- recording our history (documents, photos) and much more...

General Secretary Mr Robert Perc reported on the questionaries’ feedback – as Board wishes to do more to promote ju-jitsu and build sponsorship concept more data is required in order to prepare presentation materials. Up to the Board meeting only 10 countries out of 35 members have returned documents. Board has decided to give another call to members for required data – Board is evaluating possibility of JJIF Statutes measures about inactive members!

Countries who returned questionaries’ are: France, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Romania, Russia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland! TO JJEU MEMBERS: please send us your data as soon as possible - click here for more details (link to information from 17.9.2015 about members data)!

As there are many martial arts out there JJEU will also do more on the visibility and recognition of JJIF ju-jitsu among others. A call for members: please send us documents, especially photos of the activities before year 1995… We need to record our history and progress through decades (very important for future development also).

Please find more details in the document attached.

Download this file (REPORT FROM GELSENKIRCHEN 3.10.-4.10.2015.pdf)Message from the Board - report from Gelsenkirchen meetings[pdf]842 Kb11/10/15 11:03
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