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Ju-Jitsu European Union 1977 - 2017 PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 09 March 2017 14:08
In 1977, Ju-jitsu 1977-2017 - 2following a joint initiative from Germany, Italy and Sweden, the EUROPEAN JU-JITSU FEDERATION (EJJF) was founded. Ten years later in 1987, when all the main European Countries were already members of EJJF the scope of the initiative was expanded to the world-wide scenario. In fact in 1987, the International Assembly founded the INTERNATIONAL JU-JITSU FEDERATION (IJJF) whilst EJJF continued its activity becoming one of Continental Unions within IJJF, as EJJU.

After the recognition received by the General Association of International Sports Federations in 1993 and the first participation to world-wide multi-sport event (IWGA 1997), the Ju-Jitsu International General Assembly of 1998, in order to meet some public relations requirements towards further expansion and recognitions, decided to change the name from International Ju-Jitsu Federation (IJJF) to Ju-Jitsu International Federation (JJIF) and EJJF to JJEU - Ju-Jitsu European Union.
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Invitation to: Austria Ju-Jitsu United Event PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 17 February 2017 11:44
Austria Pressbaum 2017We would like to focus our member attention to the traditional 14th Jiu-Jitsu United Event on 4 – 5 March 2017 at Sacre Coeur Pressbaum, Austria (Klostergasse 12, 3021 Pressbaum), organised by the Jiu-Jitsu Goshin-do Club from Pressbaum with cooperation of Jiu-Jitsu Federation of Austria.Invitation and registration form are enclosed, more details available at their website http://www.jiu-p.at/jiu-jitsu-united-event/.
Download this file (Invitation-2017-English.pdf)Invitation to the Event (ENG)[pdf]1785 Kb17/02/17 16:29
Download this file (Einladung-2017-Deutsch.pdf)Invitation - German[pdf]1791 Kb17/02/17 11:50
Download this file (Registrierung-Event-2017-Deutsch.xls)Registration form - German[xls]11376 Kb17/02/17 11:48
Download this file (Registration-Event-2017-Englisch.xls)Registration form - English[xls]11376 Kb17/02/17 11:47
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Invitation to: Robi Rajh Open 2017 PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 14 February 2017 08:06

Robi Rajh Open 2017Please find enclosed invitation to International Tournament 13th ROBI RAJH OPEN 2017 in Maribor, Slovenia, Fighting, Ne waza and Duo system for children, aspirants, juniors and seniors, in organization of the Ju-jitsu club ADK Maribor in cooperation with Ju-jitsu Federation of Slovenia. Competition will take place in SPORTS HALL TABOR, Popovičeva ulica 7, 2000 MARIBOR, Slovenia on 1 and 2 April 2017 (link to sport hall: http://www.sportni-objekti-maribor.si/vsi-objekti/dvorana-tabor/o-dvorani-tabor/.

Registration deadline: 26 March 2017.

Download this file (1. invitation R. Rajh - Maribor 2017.pdf)Robi Rajh Open 2017 - the First Invitation[pdf]474 Kb14/02/17 08:09
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Invitation to: Dutch Open 2017 PDF Print E-mail
Saturday, 31 December 2016 17:45
judobondNEDThe Dutch Judo Association, department Midden Nederland, invites you to the "European Challenge Cup Dutch Open Ju Jitsu Championship" in Ju-Jitsu Fighting System, Ne-Waza end Duo System. International tournament will take place on Sunday 2 April 2017 at sports hall Sporthal ’t Riet, Laan van de Verenigde Naties 84, 6716JE Ede, The Netherlands. The tournament is open for all members of the Dutch Judo Association and all country federations and their athletes which are a member of the JJEU/JJIF. Find more details in the attachment. Registration deadline is 16 March 2017.
Download this file (Dutch Open ECC subscription form 2017(1).xlsx)Registration Form[xlsx]38 Kb14/02/17 08:40
Download this file (invitation Dutch Open MN 2017 2nd Invitation.pdf)Second Invitation to Dutch Open[pdf]239 Kb31/12/16 17:49
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Event Viewer 2017 and Seasons Greetings PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 23 December 2016 20:53

JJEU event viewer 2017 and Happy New Year


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Invitation to: Temerin Open 2016 PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 04 October 2016 09:39
Temerin Open 2016 OctoberYou are hereby invited to 9th International Ju-Jitsu Tournament “TEMERIN OPEN 2016” and 7th ‟ĐORĐE PAVLIK‟ memorial. The event will take place in the town of Temerin, Serbia on October 15th 2016. Your registration is expected up to October 8th 2016.
Download this file (TEMERIN OPEN 2016 INVITATION FINAL.pdf)Invitation to Temerin Open 2016[pdf]585 Kb04/10/16 09:44
Download this file (Prijava ekipa TO 16 FINAL.pdf)Registration form[pdf]271 Kb04/10/16 09:43
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Invitation to: Skopje Open 2016 PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 04 October 2016 09:45
Skopje Open 2016 NovemberPlease find attached tournament invitation for Ju-Jitsu fighting, duo system & Ne waza event "SKOPJE OPEN 2016". The tournament will be organized by MACEDONIAN JU-JITSU FEDERATION and will take place on November 5th 2016 in Skopje. Your registration is expected up to October 31st 2016.
Download this file (Skopje-OPEN-2016-Invitation-and-application (1).pdf)Invitation to Skopje Open 2016[pdf]600 Kb04/10/16 09:49
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Invitation to: World Championship 2016 - Poland PDF Print E-mail
Saturday, 17 September 2016 06:51
Polski 2016First invitation to the Ju-Jitsu World Championship combined with the Referee Seminar is here. Please note some important information regarding registration and participation. For all participants, who need to be accredited, the accommodation in an official hotel can only be booked through the organisers.

For athletes, coaches, referees, medics and officials the Organizing Committee provides hotels in 3 categories on full board base (lunch & dinner is served in the sports hall during three days of competition). Rooms have to be booked minimum for two nights.

The organizer is providing official hotel for all delegations, in order to facilitate the meetings, the registration and weigh-in of all athletes. Packaged include Accommodation, Full board (3 meals) and the transport The binding hotel reservation (Form 3) must be sent to the organizer by October 17th 2016. Reservations will be processed strictly according to the date of booking. In case the requested hotel is fully booked, the federation will be informed and asked to make a new reservation. Reservations can be confirmed only after receiving at least 50 % of the total accommodation cost that must be sent to our bank account before October 17th 2016, otherwise accommodation cannot be guaranteed for your delegation.

In case a federation does not send the hotel reservation to the organizers before October 17th 2016 a 10% surcharge will be added to the expenses (in case of bank transfer and in case of cash payment!). For more information please follow JJIF web site and Facebook.
Second invitation published October 3rd 2016! For countries which need VISA to Poland (Schengen-Visa) please send the Visa form to the organising committee as soon as possible.
Third invitation published October 20th 2016.
Source: JJIF
Download this file (2016_WorldChampionship_Invitation_3_2016.pdf)JJIF Third Invitation[pdf]866 Kb07/11/16 21:09
Download this file (2016_WorldChampionship_Invitation_2_2016.pdf)JJIF Second invitation[pdf]759 Kb03/10/16 17:06
Download this file (2016_WorldChampionship_Invitation_new2016.pdf)JJIF First Invitation[pdf]753 Kb17/09/16 06:58
Download this file (form 3 numerical & team.xlsx)Form 3 - Information on Numbers and Teams[xlsx]161 Kb17/09/16 06:57
Download this file (form 2 hotel.xlsx)Form 2 - Hotels[xlsx]142 Kb17/09/16 06:57
Download this file (form 1 visa.xlsx)Form 1 - Visa Application[xlsx]105 Kb17/09/16 06:56
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European Championship Germany - update PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 15 September 2016 11:22
Dear Sport Friends!

Please find attached the latest list with participants for the coming European Championship Under 18 years which will be held at Gelsenkirchen starting 23 September 2016. If there are any mistakes in this list YOU have the possibility to send a email to mister Patrick Wendt, to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and a cc to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Your mail can be send till Monday, 19 September 2016, 18.00 hour.
Update: 16.9.2016: 2nd invitation with new information about room numbers etc.
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