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JJIF Announced WG Ranking List PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 06 December 2012 19:04

World Games 2013 in Cali, ColumbiaWorld Games 2013 Ranking List was finalized after Vienna World Championship this weekend. JJIF General Secretary will contact National Federations in the following weeks to discuss the selection of athletes. More details are available in attached files.

At World Games (WG) in Martial Arts family of sports Sumo, Karate and Ju-jitsu are presented. The WG event is organised from July 25th to August 4th 2013. Ju-jitsu is scheduled from July 29th to July 31st . More information about the event is available on the official web site at http://www.theworldgames2013.com/.

Download this file (JJIF Worldranking_Fighting_w55.pdf)JJIF Worldranking_Fighting_w55.pdf[pdf]81 Kb06/12/12 19:32
Download this file (JJIF Worldranking_Fighting_w62.pdf)JJIF Worldranking_Fighting_w62.pdf[pdf]83 Kb06/12/12 19:34
Download this file (JJIF Worldranking_Fighting_w70.pdf)JJIF Worldranking_Fighting_w70.pdf[pdf]78 Kb06/12/12 19:34
Download this file (JJIF Worldranking_Fighting_m62.pdf)JJIF Worldranking_Fighting_m62.pdf[pdf]88 Kb06/12/12 19:34
Download this file (JJIF Worldranking_Fighting_m69.pdf)JJIF Worldranking_Fighting_m69.pdf[pdf]92 Kb06/12/12 19:33
Download this file (JJIF Worldranking_Fighting_m77.pdf)JJIF Worldranking_Fighting_m77.pdf[pdf]94 Kb06/12/12 19:33
Download this file (JJIF Worldranking_Fighting_m85.pdf)JJIF Worldranking_Fighting_m85.pdf[pdf]89 Kb06/12/12 19:33
Download this file (JJIF Worldranking_Fighting_m94.pdf)JJIF Worldranking_Fighting_m94.pdf[pdf]85 Kb06/12/12 19:32
Download this file (JJIF WorldRanking_DuoMen.pdf)JJIF WorldRanking_DuoMen.pdf[pdf]86 Kb06/12/12 19:31
Download this file (JJIF WorldRanking_DuoMixed.pdf)JJIF WorldRanking_DuoMixed.pdf[pdf]85 Kb06/12/12 19:14
Download this file (JJIF WorldRanking_DuoWomen.pdf)JJIF WorldRanking_DuoWomen.pdf[pdf]80 Kb06/12/12 19:13
Download this file (JJIF Worldranking_NeWaza_m85.pdf)JJIF Worldranking_NeWaza_m85.pdf[pdf]85 Kb06/12/12 19:13
Download this file (JJIF Worldranking_NeWaza_w70.pdf)JJIF Worldranking_NeWaza_w70.pdf[pdf]80 Kb06/12/12 19:32
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Message from the JJEU Board - Vienna TC&GA&WC PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 30 November 2012 14:49
JJIF General Assembly in Vienna 2012JJEU Board attended JJIF activities in Vienna: JJEU Board had several meetings during Vienna Technical Congress, General Assembly and World Championship (also with JJIF Board, technical directors, advisers and experts, open board meeting was organised to present JJEU activities and plans to interested parties). Austrian Federation has done a very good job in preparing and organizing events prior to beginning of the games. On Wednesday, November 28th, Technical Congress took place, a day later electoral General Assembly elected a new JJIF Board.

The President of JJIF remains Mr. Panagiotis Theodoropoulos from Greece, General Secretary Mrs. Dana Murgescu from Romania. JJIF General Assembly elected three Vice-Presidents: Mr. Igor Lanzoni from Italy, Mr. Dylan Sung from Taiwan and Mr. Tomo Borissov from Bulgaria. Details about JJIF activities, plans and calendar will follow in a few days from JJIF General Secretary (also ranking list for World Games is expected to be published a day or two after Vienna world championship).

JJEU President and board members were active in discussions. Activity report was given about activities in Europe since last assembly. JJEU Calendar for 2013 was accepted. For next year JJEU Board will manage the calendar much sooner in order to allow on-time planning to member federation.

Report to JJIF General Assembly, presented by JJEU President Mr. Herber Frese - click here (pdf).
JJEU Activity plan for following and next year - click here (pdf).

Calendar for Ju-jitsu in Europe - click here (pdf). (last update 19.12.2012)

Among other JJEU board has decided to request from all organisers of official events to send resulst (final resulsts and full pools/tables) to general secretary, together with a short report and photo. Resulst will be published in the "JJ & Sport" section" section of the web site.

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Vienna JJIF Techncial Congress and GA materials PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 14 November 2012 09:42
Please find enclosed some materials for JJIF Technical Congress and General Assembly in Vienna. List is updated daily!.
*** LATEST NEWS UPDATED ON 26.11.2012 ***

Also please find the first information about JJEU Summer Camp in 2013!

Information from JJIF and OC of the event from 21.11.2012:
a) Please be adviced that Mr. Tchinda from Cameroon has withdrawn his candidacy for the position of JJIF Vice-President;
Download this file (Report to the GA 2012 - Anti-doping Committee.pdf)GA Anti-doping Committee Report[pdf]158 Kb26/11/12 22:36
Download this file (DUO SYSTEM proposals from working group.doc)TC Duo system proposals from JJIF working group (new)[doc]32 Kb25/11/12 16:19
Download this file (JJAFUPresidentReportForJJIFGA2012-Vienna.pdf)GA JJAFU President report[pdf]202 Kb24/11/12 20:18
Download this file (2012 JJAFU referee report.pdf)GA JJAFU referee report[pdf]176 Kb24/11/12 20:18
Download this file (JJIF COACH COMMITTEE  G.pdf)GA JJIF Coach Committee report[pdf]143 Kb23/11/12 19:29
Download this file (11-14-12  JJEU Summer Camp (2).pdf)TC JJEU Summer Camp 2013 - information from JJEU[pdf]598 Kb23/11/12 05:42
Download this file (31-10-2012 European ju-jitsu league - initial proposal Ver 2.pdf)TC JJEU Team Competition in ju-jitsu (report and proposal)[pdf]1037 Kb23/11/12 05:37
Download this file (JJEU Team competition rules - proposal.pdf)TC Team competition rules - JJEU experience[pdf]70 Kb23/11/12 05:36
Download this file (Chpt ou Cpe monde Combat JJ par éq de nations - propositions ED.pdf)TC Proposal for JJIF ju-jitsu world cup for teams (ENG)[pdf]40 Kb23/11/12 05:35
Download this file (Chpt ou Cpe monde Combat JJ par éq de nations - propositions ED FRA.pdf)TC Chpt ou Cpe monde Combat JJ (FRA)[pdf]40 Kb23/11/12 05:33
Download this file (Duo System Proposals NEW.pdf)TC Duo system proposals (old from TC 2010)[pdf]1031 Kb25/11/12 16:19
Download this file (Dylan Sung Candidate Profile 2012.pdf)GA Mr. Sung candidacy for JJIF VicePresident[pdf]708 Kb23/11/12 05:31
Download this file (VP Sung\'s Report at the 2012 JJIF GA.pdf)GA Mr. Sung's official report as JJIF VP [pdf]70 Kb23/11/12 05:38
Download this file (New schedule WCh 2012.pdf)WC New Schedule (category M+94)!![pdf]194 Kb22/11/12 00:41
Download this file (Proxy GA JJIF - Model.doc)GA Proxy[doc]44 Kb22/11/12 00:33
Download this file (Budget2013.pdf)GA JJIF Budget 2013[pdf]8 Kb22/11/12 00:41
Download this file (GA JJ network development programme JNDP-Degineh presentation.ppt)GA JJ network development programme JNDP-Degineh presentation.ppt[powerpoint]1402 Kb18/11/12 00:00
Download this file (GA JJPAU report 2012.pdf)GA JJPAU report[pdf]159 Kb24/11/12 20:26
Download this file (GA Mr.Borissov_JJIF_Official_report_2012_EN.pdf)GA JJIF Vice President Borissov report[pdf]105 Kb24/11/12 20:22
Download this file (GA LIST of Candidates for JJIF Board elections.pdf)GA List of Candidates for JJIF Board elections[pdf]8 Kb24/11/12 20:24
Download this file (GA Candidate Antonov - C.V. JJIF.pdf)GA Vice President candidate Antonov - CV[pdf]72 Kb24/11/12 20:26
Download this file (GA Candidate Antonov - Letter of intent Antonov.pdf)GA Vice President candidate Antonov - letter of intent[pdf]8 Kb24/11/12 20:27
Download this file (GA Candidate lanzoni CV JJIF.pdf)GA Vice President candidate Lanzoni - CV[pdf]314 Kb24/11/12 20:53
Download this file (GA Candidate Lanzoni - Letter of support Lanzoni.pdf)GA Vice President candidate Lanzoni, letter od support[pdf]72 Kb24/11/12 20:29
Download this file (GA Candidate Coline Tatsa Tchinda.pdf)GA Vice President Candidate Coline Tatsa Tchinda[pdf]136 Kb24/11/12 20:27
Download this file (Competition rules U15_2012.pdf)TC JJIF Competition Rules for Aspirants (U15)[pdf]361 Kb14/11/12 09:53
Download this file (Competition organisation - English version 2.2.pdf)TC Competition organisation and planning, ver. 2.2 [pdf]972 Kb14/11/12 09:51
Download this file (Referee report 2012 for sending out!.pdf)GA JJIF Referee Comittee Report[pdf]362 Kb14/11/12 09:51
Download this file (Swedish Ju-jutsu Manual.pdf)TC Swedish Ju-jutsu Manual - information to all interested[pdf]72 Kb14/11/12 09:50
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Adriatic Ju-jitsu League 2012 near the end PDF Print E-mail
Sunday, 18 November 2012 10:46
Skopje openingMacedonian Ju-jitsu Federation organized the fourth round at the Adriatic League Ju-jitsu, held in capital city Skopje, on Saturday, November 10th. The final event occurred for all Adriatic League teams, four of them will compete in the finals, which will be in Temerin, Serbia, on December 15th. At the moment the first place after the regular schedule won team from Slovenia (Maribor JJK ADK) – also in the position to defend last year's title.

The finalists are candidates for inclusion in the European Champions League, which is - based on the experience of the Adriatic League and at the initiative of Ju-jitsu Federation of Slovenia - as a development project also adopted by the JJEU.

In the final tournament in Temerin the following team will compete for the 2012 championship title in the following order: ADK Maribor (Slovenia) - Risovi (Macedonia) and Olympico (Montenegro) - N & F Aleksinac (Serbia). Winners of the two matches will compete for the title of 2012 Adriatic League champion in ju-jitsu.
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World Championship 2012, Vienna, Austria PDF Print E-mail
WC_Austria_2012Jiu Jitsu World Championship 2012 in Duo, Fighting & Ne Waza will take place on November 30th to December 2nd 2012, in the beautiful city of Vienna, Austria.

Please find attached invitation and the registration forms for the World Championship.

*** latest news from 21.11.2012 ***
Information from JJIF and OC of the event:
a) Please be adviced that Mr. Tchinda from Cameroon has withdrawn his candidacy for the position of JJIF Vice-President;
b) Please find attached a model for the Proxy all National Delegates must present in the General Assembly. The proxy is not necessary if the Federation President is the National Delegate and is actually present in the assembly;
c) The Austrian organizers have informed that they must change the category of Fighting, men +94 kg from Sunday to Saturday. Please see attached the new schedule and make sure your athletes are in Vienna in due time. *** latest news from 21.11.2012 ***

More information available also at http://wc2012.jjvoe.at! *** LIVE stream available on the site ***

Download this file (New schedule WCh 2012.pdf)New Schedule M+94!!![pdf]194 Kb22/11/12 00:38
Download this file (Proxy GA JJIF - Model.doc)General Assembly delegates Proxy[doc]44 Kb22/11/12 00:37
Download this file (JJIF-WM-2012-Vienna-second invitation.pdf)SECOND INVITATION 15.10.2012[pdf]627 Kb17/10/12 09:39
Download this file (Datasheet_invitation letter_COUNTRY.xls)Information sheeet for the Visa application[xls]64 Kb17/10/12 09:40
Download this file (Hotel_Transfer_registrations_form_country.xls)Hotel transfer registration form[xls]97 Kb04/10/12 21:17
Download this file (Competitor_registration_from_country_Version_97-2003.xls)Competitor registration form[xls]445 Kb04/10/12 21:16
Download this file (First Invitation_WC2012_20120704.pdf)1st Invitation to Ju-jitsu World Championship[pdf]493 Kb04/10/12 21:16
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News from the Board (October 2012) PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 17 October 2012 08:51

Contract_for_EC_2013_signed_in_GermanyOctober 2012. At the occasion of German Open 2012 several meetings took place. The JJEU Board would like to inform members of the following decisions:

a) As the elected General Secretary Robert Perc must concentrate on his profession for time being the Board has invited Dana Murgescu to temporary execute the office of JJEU General Secretary as JJEU acting GS (Robert Perc will still take care of JJEU web page);

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Cali World Games 2013 PDF Print E-mail

wg_Cali_logoPlease find attached the first new bulletin regarding the World Games 2013.

On the JJIF web page actual ranking list is displayed - http://www.jjif.info/

Download this file (World Games Cali Bulletin -1.pdf)World Games Cali Bulletin 1[pdf]1629 Kb04/10/12 21:59
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Temerin Open 2012 PDF Print E-mail
5th International Ju-jitsu  tournament Temerin Open 2012 will take place in Temerin Serbia, on December 15th 2012.
league competition (the finals!) will also take a part of this tournament.
Download this file (TEMERIN OPEN   2012.poziv (1).doc)New Invitation for 15.12.2012[doc]1004 Kb22/11/12 00:48
Download this file (Temerin Open 2012 invitation.doc)Invitation Temerin Open, Adriatic Cup[doc]994 Kb04/10/12 22:21
Acropolis International Open 2012 PDF Print E-mail
On 15th and 16th of December 2012 Acropolis Open Int. Tournament will take place in Greece. Please take a look at more details in the invitation in the attachment.
Download this file (ACROPOLIS_INTERNATIONAL_JU-JITSU_OPEN 1st INVITATION.pdf)1st invitation Acropolis Open[pdf]463 Kb04/10/12 21:03

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