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Tuesday, 26 March 2013 19:06

EC2013 logoTo the National Federations, members of Ju-jitsu European Union (JJEU). Walldorf, Germany. Organiser of European Ju-jitsu Championship 2013 has launched 2nd invitation with updated information (important information). In agreement between JJEU and German Ju-Jutsu Federation (DJJV) some modification has been done to accommodate participating countries and allow more time for preparation, registration and payment for the event. JJEU wishes to thank German Ju-Jutsu Federation for understanding and qualified negotiations with official hotel.

New important deadline dates (please see more details in attached documents):

Registration (nominal): 15.4.2013

Registration (official): 20.4.2013

Payment: 20.4.2013

Please note that payment and booking after April 20th is conditioned with additional cost of 10 EUR per person. After April 30th organiser cannot guarantee accommodation. No refunds for not coming to event after payment. Please note that all financial obligations must be fulfilled before the registration (to DJJV, JJEU and JJIF!).

Official website of the event is http://www.djjv.de/ec2013.

Download this file (2013 03 25 jjeu 2. invitation walldorf ec 2013.pdf)2nd Invitation to EC 2013[pdf]393 Kb26/03/13 19:24
Download this file (Competitor_registration_form_ec2013.xls)Competitor registration[xls]454 Kb26/03/13 19:24
Download this file (Hotel_registrations_form_ec2013.xls)Hotel registration[xls]458 Kb26/03/13 19:23
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World Games 2013 Updates PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 26 March 2013 19:28

Updated information for World Games 2013 from JJIF:Cali 2013 logo

1) World Games athletes list (updated March 25, still not complete in all categories).

Please verify that your athletes are in the list, with the right name and thright category.
You will see categories with 7 athletes (and one category with 8), instead of 6. This was achieved due to the fact that we have athletes qualified for both Duo and Fighting or Fighting and Ne-Waza nd we are not exceeding the number of 96 athletes, or the maximum number of 6 athletes per country. All NF's have the right to send 1 athlete to the World Games and we tried to accomodate all members, even if this meant having categories with 7 athletes.

2) Excel sheet for registering your delegation to the World Games.

Please fill out the registration sheet with the data of your delegation members. The deadline for submission of the requested information is April 15th. The countries requiring a visa will have to provide the information a few days earlier (I will send a separate e-mail with the details).

In the following days National Federations will receive information from our Treasurer regarding the charges and deposit amounts related to the World Games participation.

(Source: JJIF General Secretary)

Download this file (IF_registration_form.xls)WG registration form[xls]156 Kb26/03/13 19:32
Download this file (World Games athlete list - March 25.xlsx)World Games Athlete list (ju-jitsu)[xlsx]18 Kb26/03/13 19:31
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Sunday, 10 March 2013 09:35
JJEU and German Ju-Jutsu Federation (DJJV) have the pleasure to invite you the XXII. European Ju-Jitsu Championship 2013 in Walldorf, Germany, for fighting system, duo system and ne-waza. Please not that some deadlines are rather short. Members are kindly invited to send necessary information to designated addresses as planed and on time to avoid possible last minute problems with accommodation and travel plans. Competition days are Saturday, June 1st and Sunday, June 2nd. On Friday, May 30th annual JJEU General Assembly (GA) and various meetings will take place (please see attachment 2 for details). If there are any proposals related to GA agenda please send it to General Secretary JJEU before April 13 to allow JJEU Board to prepare final agenda up to the second invitation.

Some dates you should not miss:

  • 15.3.2013 – preliminary registration to organising committee of the event (for accommodation purposes, only nominal, see attachment 6).
  • 29.3.2013deadline for payment (see attachment 4 for additional help).
  • 13.4.2013final registration (see attachment 2).

Please note that payment and registration after deadlines may cause extra penalty fees and situation when organising committee may no longer provide accommodation!

For all information regarding EC 2013 please visit the official web site of the event at www.djjv.de/ec2013 or Facebook site from DJJV.

Latest update 12.3.2013: we addded forms in word format for easier registration.

Latest update 14.3.2013: correction of men weight category on Saturday - correct one is -56 kg (not -55 kg)!

Latest update 26.3.2013: 2nd invitation, deadline dates for registration and payment have been prolonged - follow this link.

Download this file (jjeu walldorf 2013 - 1 program (corrected).pdf)1 programme (corrected 14.3.2013)[pdf]471 Kb14/03/13 13:06
Download this file (jjeu walldorf 2013 - 2 registration_Germany.doc)2 final registration[doc]325 Kb12/03/13 22:18
Download this file (jjeu walldorf 2013 - 3 statement of liability.doc)3 statement of liability[doc]275 Kb12/03/13 22:17
Download this file (jjeu walldorf 2013 - 4 fees.doc)4 fes and deadlines[doc]290 Kb12/03/13 22:17
Download this file (jjeu walldorf 2013 - 6 nominal registration_Germany.doc)6 nominal registratin_info[doc]286 Kb12/03/13 22:16
Download this file (2013 03 01 jjeu invitation walldorf ec 2013.pdf)EC 2013 in Walldorf, Germany - first invitation[pdf]4062 Kb10/03/13 10:07
Download this file (jjeu walldorf 2013 - 2 final registration.pdf)2 final registration[pdf]539 Kb10/03/13 10:06
Download this file (jjeu walldorf 2013 - 3 statement of liability.pdf)3 statement of liability[pdf]139 Kb10/03/13 10:06
Download this file (jjeu walldorf 2013 - 4 fees.pdf)4 fees and deadlines[pdf]142 Kb10/03/13 10:05
Download this file (jjeu walldorf 2013 - 5 train schedule.pdf)5 train schedule[pdf]454 Kb10/03/13 10:03
Download this file (jjeu walldorf 2013 - 6 nominal registration_info.pdf)6 nominal registration_info[pdf]141 Kb10/03/13 10:02
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Invitation to: Robi Rajh Open, 6. - 7.4.2013 PDF Print E-mail
Sunday, 10 March 2013 10:21
Please find enclosed invitation to 9th International Tournament ROBI RAJH OPEN 2013 in Maribor, Slovenia, fighting and DUO system for children, aspirants, juniors and seniors.
Respecting JJEU and Slovenian annual calendar of activities competition will be held in SPORT HALL TABOR, Koresova ulica 7, SI-2000 Maribor, Slovenia on April 6th and 7th 2013.

Link to registration and other information: http://www.ju-jitsu-klub.si.
Download this file (1ST INVITATION 9. R. RAJH - MARIBOR OPEN (6.-7.4.2013).pdf)Invitation to 9th Robi Rajh Open 2013[pdf]234 Kb10/03/13 10:26
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Invitation to: Foto.Ru Moscow, 5. - 6.4.2013 PDF Print E-mail
Sunday, 10 March 2013 10:33
Moscow Ju-Jitsu Federation together with Russian Ju-Jitsu Federation and company FOTO.RU invite you to take part in MOSCOW INTERNATIONAL YOUTH JU-JITSU TOURNAMENT “FOTO.RU OPEN 2013
on 5th and 6th of April, 2013 in Sports hall “Yuzhnyi”, Lebedyanskaya str, 18 Moscow, Russia. If you need visa support then deadline – 15th of March, 2013. Entry form and visa forms (enclosed) are to be send back to the organizers before this date.
Download this file (Invitation_Foto_ru_Open_2013.pdf)Foto.Ru Open 2013 - invitation[pdf]163 Kb10/03/13 10:39
Download this file (Final_entry_form_Fotoru_Open2013.docx)Foto.Ru - registration form[docx]12 Kb10/03/13 12:59
Download this file (Visa_application_FotoruOpen2013.docx)Foto.Ru - VISA application[docx]11 Kb10/03/13 12:59
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Invitation to: ECC Paris Open, 27.-28.4.2013 PDF Print E-mail
Sunday, 10 March 2013 12:00

ParisOpen2013PictureParis Jujitsu Open Tournament 2013. The "Fédération Française de judo" organizes the 27th of April 2013 the 9th Paris Jujitsu tournament and the 28th of April 2013 the second Paris Jujitsu Ne Waza tournament - both will take place at the stadium of INSTITUT DU JUDO, 21-25 avenue de la Porte de Châtillon, 75014 Paris.

Invites athletes of all the countries affiliated to the Jujitsu, International Federation to meet the best French and foreign jujitsukas, in JJIF JUJITSU DUO/FIGHTING or/and JUJITSU NE WAZA. Registration deadline is April 22nd 2013!
JJEU Board meeting and Referee seminar will also take place during the event. More information will come soon.
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Invitation to: Scandinavian Open 18.-19.5.2013 PDF Print E-mail
Sunday, 10 March 2013 10:43
In co-operation with Swedish Jujutsu Federation, the Federation of Ju-jutsu Ryu Sweden invites to the 4th VIRDAX / NORDFALKEN FIGHT CHALLENGE as 2nd Scandinavian Open together with the 4th Swedish Jujutsu League. Date: Saturday, 18.05.2013 – Sunday 19.05.2013. Place: JÖNKÖPING, Sweden, Sportshall KFUM “Ungdomens Hus “. More details about the event in attached file.
Download this file (Invitation to Scandinavian Open 2013, Sweden, 18.-19.5.2013.pdf)Invitation to Scandinavian Open[pdf]271 Kb10/03/13 10:46
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World Games 2013 - information bulletin 2 and 3, information about referees PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 15 February 2013 12:35

Please find attached the Bulletin for Cali World Game2013 number 2 and 3. Note that the date of arrival for ju-jitsu is July 26th, not July 27th as we were initially informed. Date of departure, July.  Keep this in mind when purchasing your plane tickets.

You may also find attached the list of qualified referee for Cali World Games.Please confirm their participation before March 10th, at the latest, allowing us the possibility to replace the referees who cannot attend. (We have a limit number of 15so every confirmation is crucial). Thank you very much for your cooperation. (Source: Dana Murgescu, JJIF General Secretary, http://worldgames2013.com.co/en/)

Links to related articles and sites:

Infomation from the JJIF (www.jjeu.eu, 6.2.2013)
JJIF Announced WG Ranking List
(www.jjeu.eu, 6.12.2012)
Cali World Games 2013 (www.jjeu.eu, 6.10.2012)

Official web site of the World Games 2013 
Web site of the JJIF Ju-jitsu International Federation

INFORMATION FROM JJIF GS MARCH 5th 2013: the athletes and coaches/officials requiring visa to enter Colombia should have their plane tickets purchased and the details sent to JJIF General Secreatary Dana Murgescu  before April 10th, 2013. Further information regarding the "extra officials" will follow shortly (before the end of the week).

Download this file (World Games Cali 2013 Bulletin number 2.pdf)World Games 2013 Cali Bulletin number 2[pdf]4261 Kb15/02/13 13:06
Download this file (Cali Bulletin N3.pdf)World Games 2013 Cali Bulletin number 3[pdf]6711 Kb15/02/13 13:03
Download this file (Selected referees - Cali World Games 2013.xlsx)Selected referees fot the World Games[xlsx]9 Kb15/02/13 12:45
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Invitation to: Austrian Open 11. 5. 2013 PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 11 February 2013 20:22
Austrian Jiu-jitsu Fedration is organising an open international tournamen in ju-jitsu "Austrian Open 2013" in category aspirants, juniors and seniors. Tournament will take place in Multiversum, Schwechat on May 11th 2013. Multiversum Schwechat is aprox. 10 minutes from Vienna International Airport. Arrival of delegations is expected on May 10th 2013. For more details please take a look at the attachment. Registration deadline is April 19th 2013! (Source: Robert Horak, JJVOE,Technischer Direktor Wettkampf)
Download this file (Invitation_Austrian_Open_2013.pdf)Invitation to Austrian Open 2013[pdf]371 Kb11/02/13 20:32
Download this file (Competitor_registration_from_COUNTRY_CLUB_Version_97_2003.xls)Registration form (to ber returned up to 19.4.2013!)[xls]165 Kb11/02/13 20:32
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