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2014 Prohibited List takes effect PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 07 January 2014 13:00
wadaMontreal, January 6, 2014. Information from World Anti-Doping Agency!

The 2014 List of Prohibited Substances and Methods took effect on January 1, 2014. The List – which was approved by WADA’s Executive Committee on September 11, 2013 – can be viewed at WADA’s website or through the free iPhone application. The List can also be accessed using other mobile devices via the mobile site.

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Invitation to: Sweden budo camp and JJIF/JJEU referee seminar PDF Print E-mail
Saturday, 14 December 2013 12:49

combat camp swedenCombat Camp Sweden

Swedish Jujutsu Federation and the Swedish national team in collaboration with BUDO NORD are arranging this training camp and hope that this will become a future tradition to come to start the New Year! The camp is style-independent and for all different belt and age levels! The idea is that everyone gets a good training camp, a great experience and gets to meet new amazing friends! Link to official site for registration -> http://combatcampsweden.se/.

Referee Seminar

JJEU Board in cooperation with JJIF/JJEU Referee Committee invites also to referee seminar (see calendar of Ju-jitsu activities in Europe in 2014). The registration link is now activated! You´ll find it here! http://combatcampsweden.se/referees/ .

Please remember to fill out the JJIF Application form if you are going for the Continental B course! We look forward to see you on the mat! Referees who will apply for National licens, of course clear this with their own Federation first and then can apply directly on the Combat Camps website. For questions about the contents of the course or all referee related questions you can contact Mr Henrik Sandberg (JJIF Referee Director) on e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  Please note that JJIF Ne Waza will be part of the course as well! For all practical questions concerning the camp you contact Mr Michael Kuntz on This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Attention - December 30th 2013! The registration form is now closed. It will be possible to participate to the event by registering on the site but we can not guarantee any solution for the accommodation and the meals. See you on the camp!

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JJIF special awards for Herbert Frese and Eugene Domagata PDF Print E-mail

At the end of 2013 JJIF General Assembly JJIF President, Mr. Panagiotis Theodoropoulous, after JJIF Board recommendation and General Assembly support, awarded with two special recognitions two special persons in ju-jitsu family:

Herbert Frese ,Honorary JJIF President, with JJIF President Mr. Herbert Frese from Germany was awarded with “Honorary JJIF President”.
Herbert Frese is a JJEU President (from 2012). He has a long life history of martial arts activities (in Germany and international) in sport and in professional waters. For many years’ special advisor to JJIF Board, expert support in developing to other countries and continents and a real fighting spirit.
(on photo from left: Mr. Herbert Frese with JJIF President, Mr. Panagiotis Theodoropoulous)
 JJIF Vice President and Eugene Domagata, 9th dan ju-jitsu Mr. Eugene Domagata from France was awarded with 9th dan Ju-jitsu.
Eugene Domagata is a JJIF Sport Manager. For decades familiar face in judo and ju-jitsu. Professional and technical expert in martial arts and a great promoter of ju-jitsu on developing continents. Up to 2012 also JJEU Sport Director, awarder with JJEU Life Time Achievement Award at 2013 European Championship in Walldorf, Germany.
(on photo from left
: JJIF Vice President , Mr. Tomo Borissov, with Mr. Eugene Domagata)
JJIF Technical Congress, General Assembly and World Championship PDF Print E-mail

Bucharest2013Ju-jitsu International Federation and the Romanian Martial Arts Federation and its Ju-Jitsu Department welcome you to:

JJIF 2013 Technical Congress – November 20th
JJIF 2013 General Assembly – November 21st
The 4th edition of the World Championship in Ju-Jitsu organized for Aspirants and Juniors – November 22nd -24th.

Romanian  federation is very proud to host for the first time a Ju-Jitsu World Championship in Bucharest, after the successful organizing of last year’s events, the 9th Balkan Championship and the JJEU European Challenge Cup. They welcome everyone for a week of sports, assemblies and technical meetings. JJIF and organizing country are hopin that you will also take the time to discover Bucharest and to enjoy our lovely city. Depending on your free time, touring opportunities will be presented to you upon arrival.

Best of luck to all delegations! We hope you will have a wonderful time in Romania!

More information on JJIF web site -> www.jjif.info
More information on JJIF Facebook -> more...
More informaton on JJIF Athletes Committee Facebook - > more...
Latest: Report to the GA from Mr. Herbert Frese, JJEU President (see attached).

Download this file (Herbert Frese - JJEU report JJIF GA Romania 21.11.2013.pdf)JJEU President's report at JJIF General Assembly[pdf]200 Kb22/11/13 07:06
Download this file (2nd Invitation to the World Championship U18 & U21, 2013 (1).pdf)2nd Invitation to the World Championship U18 & U21, 2013 (1).pdf[pdf]293 Kb21/11/13 20:45
Download this file (JJIF Proxy GA JJIF - Model.docx)JJIF Proxy GA JJIF - Model.docx[doc]30 Kb21/11/13 20:44
Download this file (IMPORTANT Sponsorareas_Patches_Gi.pdf)IMPORTANT Sponsorareas_Patches_Gi.pdf[pdf]291 Kb21/11/13 20:43
Download this file (JJIF - REPORT OF THE INDEPENDENT AUDITOR -GH 2012.pdf)JJIF - REPORT OF THE INDEPENDENT AUDITOR -GH 2012.pdf[pdf]157 Kb21/11/13 20:42
Download this file (JJIF TB_ANNUAL_REPORT_2013_EN.pdf)JJIF TB_ANNUAL_REPORT_2013_EN.pdf[pdf]238 Kb21/11/13 20:41
Download this file (JJIFAnnualReportLanzoni.pdf)JJIFAnnualReportLanzoni.pdf[pdf]951 Kb21/11/13 20:38
Download this file (JJIF VP Sung\'s Report at the 2013 JJIF GA.pdf)JJIF VP Sung\'s Report at the 2013 JJIF GA.pdf[pdf]55 Kb21/11/13 20:34
Download this file (JJIF Proposal KAZ.docx)JJIF Proposal KAZ.docx[doc]15 Kb21/11/13 20:34
Download this file (TC_proposal_Christophe_Brunet.docx)TC_proposal_Christophe_Brunet.docx[doc]17 Kb21/11/13 20:27
Download this file (TC_Proposal Ne-Waza rules 2014 Horvath.doc)TC_Proposal Ne-Waza rules 2014 Horvath.doc[doc]74 Kb21/11/13 20:26
Download this file (TC_Proposal Domagata TC.docx)TC_Proposal Domagata TC.docx[doc]12 Kb21/11/13 20:25
Download this file (TC_Proposals and decisions Germany.docx)TC_Proposals and decisions Germany.docx[doc]14 Kb21/11/13 20:24
Download this file (TC_Argentina suggest.pdf)TC_Argentina suggest.pdf[pdf]100 Kb21/11/13 20:24
Download this file (TC_Application_Frequency_of_WC_Ath_Com.pdf)TC_Application_Frequency_of_WC_Ath_Com.pdf[pdf]37 Kb21/11/13 20:23
Download this file (TC_Application_U15WC_Ath_Com.pdf)TC_Application_U15WC_Ath_Com.pdf[pdf]37 Kb21/11/13 20:22
Download this file (TC_Youth rules proposal JJIF - Commission.pdf)TC_Youth rules proposal JJIF - Commission.pdf[pdf]106 Kb21/11/13 20:21
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JJEU Champions League Start PDF Print E-mail

JJEU Champions League Start 2013We started with an idea and now we almost reached the final act of the JJ Champions League. As a result of very demanding year for all clubs and federations we have managed to include 4 teams in kick-off event 2013 (Germany, Slovenia, Rep. of Srpska/BIH, Srbija). The Head Referee of the event is Mr. Heinz Pritzl from Germany, JJEU observer is JJEU General Secretary.

The competition will take place on 16th November 2013 in Maribor at Sports Hall Tabor, Koresova ulica 7, Maribor.

Schedule of the event:

14:00 Meeting of heads of teams
15:00 Meeting of referees
17:00 Start of the competition (planned until 20:00).
The weigh-in will be on Friday at 18:00 and Saturday at 14:00.

We have already arranged an internet broadcast of the competition. The link will be published on the webpage of the JJK ADK Maribor.

JJEU Board cancelled Summer Camp in Rogla-Slovenia PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 10 June 2013 17:29

EU JJcamp2012 1-SWalldorf, Germany. Organising Committee of the event has informed JJEU Board that even after prolongation of registration deadline for 2013 joint summer camp/technical congress in Slovenia there are not sufficient (minimum) participants for optimum realization of the project (and balanced financial outcome). As waiting only prolongs obvious decision and causes additional costs to the organisation federation JJEU Board has decided to cancel JJEU Summer Camp Rogla – Slovenia.

Technical congress agenda will be discussed on the technical meetings organised on a later date. JJEU is thanking Ju-jitsu Federation of Slovenia for the energy and enthusiasm invested in this project and apologise for caused inconvenience. Organising committee has already informed all registered participants up to this moment.

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JJEU General Assembly in Walldorf, agenda and related PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 20 May 2013 16:32

EC2013 logoDear members of JJEU!
Please find attached agenda and related documents for upcoming JJEU General Assembly in Walldorf, May 31st, 2013. JJEU Board is looking forward seeing you all again.

Related to EC please check the registration data at this point in answer to the OC of the event if there is a need for corrections - read more...

For more information, related to European Championship 2013, please visit the official site of the event - http://ju-jutsu.de/ec2013.

Download this file (JJEU GA Walldorf 2013 - Proxy.doc)Proxy for the JJEU General Assembly 2013[doc]76 Kb20/05/13 17:11
Download this file (Agenda GA Walldorf - final.doc)JJEU General Assembly 2013 - AGENDA[doc]40 Kb20/05/13 16:50
Download this file (Herbert Frese - report 2012 - Vienna JJIF GA.pdf)JJEU President report[pdf]186 Kb20/05/13 16:49
Download this file (Herbert Frese - PLAN 2013 - Vienna JJIF GA.pdf)JJEU President Plan[pdf]195 Kb20/05/13 16:49
Download this file (Auditors Report JJEU 2012.pdf)Auditors Report[pdf]53 Kb20/05/13 16:49
Download this file (JJEU Budget 2013-2014 .xls)JJEU Budget 2013-2014[xls]49 Kb20/05/13 16:48
Download this file (JJEU Actual - Balance sheet 2012.xls)JJEU Actual Balance 2012[xls]54 Kb20/05/13 16:48
Download this file (J.J.E.U. Referee Committee Activity Report from May 1st 2012 till May 1st 2013.d)Referee Committee Activity report[doc]39 Kb20/05/13 16:45
Download this file (J.J.E.U. Referee Committee Activity Plan 2013 - 2014.doc)Referee Committee plan 2013 - 2014[doc]27 Kb20/05/13 16:46
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Calendar 2013 - invitation to members PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 06 May 2013 21:06

A call from the Board, Paris, 26th of April 2013. JJEU Board is in the process of preparing calendar of future activities for 2014 and beyond. In year 2012 we have had a lot of confusion with the events in Europe – partially because of a very late approval of calendar and partially of some additional international tournaments put on JJIF Ranking list outside accepted JJEU “ranking” of events in Europe. To avoid that and to allow on time preparation, planning etc. all members are kindly invited to send their dates of activities to JJEU commissioner Mr. Ronald Bartens as soon as possible (e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ).

Mr. Bartens will collect all the dates up to May 28th 2013 and present them to JJEU Board and later on to JJEU Assembly at EC in Walldorf. JJEU Board will also prepare proposals for ECC labels and related, and co-ordinate with JJIF for better harmonization of ju-jitsu event in Europe.

You cooperation will be highly appreciated to please send us information about you events at your earliest convenient time. Thank you.

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Invitation to: JJEU Summer Camp 2013 PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 06 May 2013 20:32

EU JJcamp2012 1-SJJEU is hereby inviting JJIF/JJEU member federation, national teams, clubs and friends of ju-jitsu/martial art to European Summer Camp 2013. JJEU has appointed Ju-jitsu Federation of Slovenia to host this event. For Slovenia this is the 7th international ju-jitsu summer camp and one of many international event organised for ju-jitsu. In Paris meeting last week JJEU Board has evaluated progress of the organisation and gave last green light with aim to make this useful and successful training and technical cam. More information about the event will follow.

2013 camp is organised with cooperation and full support of JJEU. The camp will offer variety of training opportunities of ju-jitsu and other martial arts as self-defence and competitive sport. Part of the seminar will be granted to technical congress under patronage of JJEU Board: organization of big events, organisation and sporting code, ne-waza training and competitive process, referee training ne-waza etc.

Please note that expected deadline for registration is May 20th 2013. Please send your registration as soon as possible to allow organisation federation to prepare the event in the best possible manner.


Download this file (2nd invitation JJ_camp_2013_english.pdf)2nd Invitation to JJEU Summer Camp[pdf]2395 Kb06/05/13 20:46
Download this file (Registration Form.xls)REGISTRATION form[xls]49 Kb06/05/13 20:45
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