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Invitation to: Dutch Open, 22.3.2014 PDF Print E-mail
Sunday, 16 February 2014 15:56
Judo Bond NetherlandJu Jitsu districts South of Holland (Zuid-Holland) herewith invites you to "12 Provinces Tournament" Ju-Jitsu Fighting-system, Ne-Waza en Duo-system will take place on Saturday March 22, 2014 at sport hall: Overbosch, Vlaskamp 3, The Hague, the Netherlands. The tournament is open for all members of the Dutch Judo Association and all countries which are member of the JJEU/JJIF.
Download this file (invitation 12 Provinces tournament March 22 2014 def.pdf)Invitation (in English)[pdf]96 Kb16/02/14 16:01
Download this file (Inschrijfformulier 12 Prov 2014 Newaza.xls)Registration form Ne-Waza[xls]131 Kb16/02/14 16:01
Download this file (Inschrijfformulier 12 Prov 2014 fighting.xls)Registration form Fighting[xls]131 Kb16/02/14 16:00
Download this file (Inschrijfformulier 12 Prov 2014 DUO.xls)Registration form Duo System[xls]135 Kb16/02/14 16:00
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Message from the JJEU Board - about participation at official events PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 07 February 2014 09:46

Romania, November 20, 2013. JJEU Board discussed situation of participation of clubs from opposite federations to the official events on JJEU calendar. Nevertheless nations and clubs cooperation with other entities is on their own responsibility (and right) JJEU members should respect Statutes. If the country already has s national JJIF member participation of clubs and teams from other national federations (not under JJIF) may not be accepted (when in doubt status of the participant should be checked at national JJIF member). There can be exceptions when dealing with potential members and developing countries (where there is no official JJIF member yet).The general problem for every organizer is how to control and where and how to check the right to participate. In principle whenever in doubt organizer should consult with official member in respected country. A good practice in some national federation is that no one can participate in abroad activities without approval or at least acknowledge of national federation.

All organisers of the evenst under JJEU (like EC, EOC, ECC...) should respect membership rights and obligations.

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Invitation to: Bucharest Open & Corysan Cup 2014 PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 29 January 2014 23:41

CORYSAN Sports Club has the pleasure of inviting you to the 10th edition of Bucharest Ju-Jitsu Open & Corysan Cup reserved for children, cadets, aspirants, juniors and seniors (Duo, Fighting & Ne-Waza). The competition will take place on the date of March 15, 2014, at APOLLO Sports Center (address: 5 Energeticienilor Blvd., sector 3, Bucharest). The competition is run according to JJIF rules, with the some modifications (please see attachment for more details).

Download this file (Invitation Corysan Cup 2014.pdf)Invitation Corysan Cup 2014.pdf[pdf]593 Kb29/01/14 23:46
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Invtitation to: Jiu-Jitsu Camp Austria in March PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 28 January 2014 18:44
JJVOE logoAustria. Sacre Coeur Pressbaum. 1. - 2. March 2014. The JJVÖ present the 10th Jiu Jitsu United Event in cooperation with the Jiu Jitsu Goshindo dojo Pressbaum. Among the well-known coaches, like Shihan Pascal Stoupy, Shihan Bill Gatchell and the German Ne Waza vice-world-champion 2011 Wolfgang Heindel win. Parallel to the children’s course will be a female self-defence course by Austrian police officers and a Fighting, Duo and Ne Waza course for competitors held. A professional DJ support this cosy togetherness thereafter by, which guarantees the good mood. More information in attachments.
Download this file (Lehrgang 14 Anmedeformular.docx)Registration form[docx]45 Kb28/01/14 18:49
Download this file (Lehrgang 14 englisch.pdf)Invitation to Austrian Jiu-jitsu Camp 2014[pdf]476 Kb28/01/14 18:49
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Calendar JJEU 2014 is published PDF Print E-mail
Sunday, 01 December 2013 23:50

Accepted and approved by JJEU Board in Bucharest, Romania - 23.11.2013. During WC in Bucharest, Romania, JJEU board has accepted Calendar of activities for 2014. This information is also an invitation to all members to provide details related to their activities as soon as possible to allow on time and long term planning. The Board has decided to prepare provisional 2015/2016 calendar up to Paris meeting in beginning of May 2014. JJEU Sport Director Christophe Brunet is kindly asking all members for cooperation and information flow about plans for 2015 and 2016 to allow on-time preparation to big events.

2014 Calendar can be reached by the navigation bar in the "Calendar" section. For your convenience a pdf version of the document is provided.

* Update 4: 28.1.2014 - Balkan Open moved from Turkey to Romania, new ECC Maribor Robi Rajh Slovenia, etc.!
* Update 3:
10.12.2013 – new event, Austrian Open -> 13.9.2014 - 14.9.2014!
* Update 2: 6.12.2013 - correction, the date and location of Referee Seminar in Sweden -> from 23.5.2014 to 3.1.2014!
* Update 1: 6.12.2013 - correction, the date of the Istanbul event -> 20.9.2014 - 27.9.2014!

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Invitation to: 14th International Open competition Andrea Rola PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 11 December 2013 15:11

italijaASSOCIAZIONE ITALIANA JU JITSU in collaboration with Centro sportivo paladonbosco has the pleasure to invite you at 14th International Open competition Andrea Rola for Aspirant & Junior & Senior categories in JJIF fighting system, duo system and ne-waza system. Right to participate is reserved to Clubs of Federations affiliated to JJEU/JJIF.

Competition will take place on Saturday & Sunday, March 29th - 30th 2014 in Genoa - Italy at Sport Hall Don Bosco, Istituto Don Bosco Via S.G. Bosco 14 R Genoa.

Second invitation published on January 5th 2014!

Download this file (AIJJ 13-14  2nd INVITE  14° ROLA .doc)SECOND Invitation 5.1.2014[doc]455 Kb06/01/14 20:01
Download this file (AIJJ 13-14  INVITE  14° ROLA INGLESE.pdf)Invitation to 14th International Tournament in Genoa, Italy[pdf]388 Kb11/12/13 15:15
Download this file (LOCANDINA ROLA 001.jpg)Andrea Rola 2014 - ju-jitsu[jpg]601 Kb11/12/13 15:15
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2014 Prohibited List takes effect PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 07 January 2014 13:00
wadaMontreal, January 6, 2014. Information from World Anti-Doping Agency!

The 2014 List of Prohibited Substances and Methods took effect on January 1, 2014. The List – which was approved by WADA’s Executive Committee on September 11, 2013 – can be viewed at WADA’s website or through the free iPhone application. The List can also be accessed using other mobile devices via the mobile site.

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Invitation to: Sweden budo camp and JJIF/JJEU referee seminar PDF Print E-mail
Saturday, 14 December 2013 12:49

combat camp swedenCombat Camp Sweden

Swedish Jujutsu Federation and the Swedish national team in collaboration with BUDO NORD are arranging this training camp and hope that this will become a future tradition to come to start the New Year! The camp is style-independent and for all different belt and age levels! The idea is that everyone gets a good training camp, a great experience and gets to meet new amazing friends! Link to official site for registration -> http://combatcampsweden.se/.

Referee Seminar

JJEU Board in cooperation with JJIF/JJEU Referee Committee invites also to referee seminar (see calendar of Ju-jitsu activities in Europe in 2014). The registration link is now activated! You´ll find it here! http://combatcampsweden.se/referees/ .

Please remember to fill out the JJIF Application form if you are going for the Continental B course! We look forward to see you on the mat! Referees who will apply for National licens, of course clear this with their own Federation first and then can apply directly on the Combat Camps website. For questions about the contents of the course or all referee related questions you can contact Mr Henrik Sandberg (JJIF Referee Director) on e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  Please note that JJIF Ne Waza will be part of the course as well! For all practical questions concerning the camp you contact Mr Michael Kuntz on This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Attention - December 30th 2013! The registration form is now closed. It will be possible to participate to the event by registering on the site but we can not guarantee any solution for the accommodation and the meals. See you on the camp!

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JJIF special awards for Herbert Frese and Eugene Domagata PDF Print E-mail

At the end of 2013 JJIF General Assembly JJIF President, Mr. Panagiotis Theodoropoulous, after JJIF Board recommendation and General Assembly support, awarded with two special recognitions two special persons in ju-jitsu family:

Herbert Frese ,Honorary JJIF President, with JJIF President Mr. Herbert Frese from Germany was awarded with “Honorary JJIF President”.
Herbert Frese is a JJEU President (from 2012). He has a long life history of martial arts activities (in Germany and international) in sport and in professional waters. For many years’ special advisor to JJIF Board, expert support in developing to other countries and continents and a real fighting spirit.
(on photo from left: Mr. Herbert Frese with JJIF President, Mr. Panagiotis Theodoropoulous)
 JJIF Vice President and Eugene Domagata, 9th dan ju-jitsu Mr. Eugene Domagata from France was awarded with 9th dan Ju-jitsu.
Eugene Domagata is a JJIF Sport Manager. For decades familiar face in judo and ju-jitsu. Professional and technical expert in martial arts and a great promoter of ju-jitsu on developing continents. Up to 2012 also JJEU Sport Director, awarder with JJEU Life Time Achievement Award at 2013 European Championship in Walldorf, Germany.
(on photo from left
: JJIF Vice President , Mr. Tomo Borissov, with Mr. Eugene Domagata)

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