Expert Technical Meeting 2 Lund Sweden

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JJEU Expert and Technical Meeting Event 2




After success of the ETM – Event One in Planica, Slovenia, in March 2017, JJEU made a promise to organise such event every two years. After discussion with the JJEU Referee Committee, JJEU Referee Quality Management expert group and the Athletes’ Commission, including also Mr. Rob Haans, representative of the Organising Committee of the Combat Camp, ETM2 will be focused on cooperation and exchange of knowledge and experience among athletes, referees and coaches, introducing also the latest innovation of Video Review System (why, how, opportunities, challenges and future development) and the use of technology in nowadays Ju-Jitsu sport. Combat Camp Sweden registration is to continue in its usual way. JJEU has allocated a budget for the event from penalty fees collected at the events (for not having enough referees) and will cover accommodation for one Coach and Referee from each JJEU member country.


We would like to welcome the following participants: national sports/technical directors, referee directors, national team coaches, club coaches, athletes, officials, referees, organisers of events, media experts, spokespersons from the clubs/federations… etc.


Ju-jitsu wants to become an Olympic sport. Having a long-term strategic goal is important, but we need to confront challenges that will become part of the roadmap to that goal. We need to take steps that will help everybody understand what we are doing, why we are doing it and why are we good at it. This will lead to more media interest, attractiveness for sponsors, recruiting more athletes, broaden our support base…


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