Europa CUP in Fighting 2018

Event Details

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1st invitation European Cup FS and Belgian Cup (Final)

Europa CUP in Fighting 2018 Leuven, Belgium 3&4 November 2018

Building ‘De Nayer’ @ University Sportcampus Leuven

Address:Tervuurstevest 101, 3001 Leuven, Belgium.


Right to participate and categories

Athletes must be presented and registered by their National Federation;

All competitors must have a legal passport of the nation they represent in the championship and sports passport of their respective nation!

Medical certificate is needed, not older than 12 months, certifying their fitness for competition.

Competitors that will reach the proper age in the present year (from 1.1 to 12.31) have the right of participation in the designated category (valid for fighting, duo and ne-waza systems).  

Ju-jitsuka in class U10 Cadets 8/9 (year of birth 2010/2009)*

Ju-jitsuka in class U12 Cadets 10/11 (year of birth 2007/2008)*

Ju-jitsuka in class U15 Cadets 12/13/14 (year of birth 2004/2005/2006)

Ju-jitsuka in class U18 Aspirants 15/16/17 (year of birth 2001/2002/2003)

Ju-jitsuka in class U21 Juniors 18/19/20 (year of birth 1998/1999/2000)

Ju-jitsuka in class Seniors 21 and plus (year of birth 1997 or before)

* Categories U10 and U12 fighting are part of the Belgian Cup.


PLEASE NOTE the decisions and explanations from the JJIF Technical Congress in St. Petersburg 2010, adopted by JJIF GA and JJIF Board:

  • The age is considered according to the year of birth, not the actual birth date of the competitor
  • The athlete can compete in one higher age category – goes for fighting, duo and ne-waza system (juniors can compete with seniors). However, a team (duo) made up of one Aspirant and one Junior can only compete in juniors, not also in seniors (the Aspirant, although member of a junior team, cannot jump over two age categories and compete with the seniors)!!
  • If a competitor participates in the Duo competition, he/she is allowed to be part of a mixed couple and of a couple of his/her gender on the same tournament. The organizer will observe that the Duo men and women are scheduled for one competition day, while the mixed duo is scheduled for the other day.

Be aware that Cadets (U15) are NOT allowed to compete in Aspirants (U18) category, except for Cadets turning 14 years old in 2018, who are part of a team registered for the Duo system.