Report of the 1st Budapest Open 2018

On Saturday the 7th of April in Budapest the 1st Budapest Open was organized by the Hungarian JuJitsu Federation.

561 participants of 12 countries had a great Saturday in Budapest, Hungary.

The fights where distributed by the main jury over 6 mats. There where fights in fighting system, Newaza, DUO traditional and NoGi. The European JuJitsu community could be proud with this new JuJitsu event, the local and federation organizers did a great job with the set-up of this event. Athletes in the age categories of -12, -15, -18, -21 and seniors of the countries Austria, BIH, Croatia, Germany, Macedonia, Montenegro, the Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Serbia , Slovenia and of course Hungary where fighting during the day for the title Champion in the Budapest Open.

JJEU board likes to thank al volunteers, referees and of course the coaches and athletes for their at tendency and participation at this JuJitsu event. We are looking forward to 2019. With these kind of great events JuJitsu can go on to a great future.

BO 2018 Results.pdf

Dutch Open and Europa Cup Under 15, the highlights.

Dutch Open and Europa Cup Under 15, the highlights.

In the weekend of 24 and 25th of Marc in Amersfoort, the Netherlands the first Europa Cup under 15 was organised in combination with the Dutch Open for U18, U21 and Seniors.

More then 400 participants out of 13 countries had a great weekend with a lot of Ju Jitsu fun. During these two events JJEU board and Referee committee started a trial with Care System. A more detailed report will follow soon, but the first reactions where very very positive. Athletes, coaches, audience and of course the referees where very pleased by the system and the set-up of one referee on the mat and two behind a video laptop.

Attached you can find some photo’s of the event but also the results of the Europa Cup and the Dutch Open 2018.

JJEU board likes to give a great thank to mister Panagiotis Theodoropoulos, president of the JJIF. Also the volunteers of the local organisation of van Diermen Sport get our warm applause.

EuropaCup U15 2018.pdf

Dutch Open 2018 Results.pdf