2019 draft calender JJEU events and JJIF ranking events, summary around official JJEU events and General Assembly news

Dear sport friends,

First off all we like to thank all of you who participated last European Championships in the General Assembly of JJEU.

But for those who did not had the possibility to attend this assembly JJEU board like to highlight the next items for you:

* Please be sure all your athletes who are participating in Grandslams, European Championships and World Championships are registered in ADAMS. Registration and following the procedures can prevent a lot of problems for you athletes and your Federation.

* In the General Assembly JJEU board presented the “new” format of all official events in Europe. Attached you can find the overview with the official events, if there are any questions please let me know. What has to be clear for all is that starting 01 JUNE 2018 its not allowed to use JJEU Logo on posters, websites of events, invitations and all other publications about organized events anymore. JJEU is standing for supporting quality well organized events, and the use of the JJEU logo without agreement of JJEU is not allowed, people who read your communication might think that the JJEU is behind your event and do so with the assumption that it is a good quality event, which in certain cases is certainly not the case. For organizations who likes to have support and use of JJEU logo its possible to request this kind of support, there fore I like to point the paragraph in the attachment which contains the next:

If there are any questions please let JJEU know. We are lookking forward for your emails with questions, especially about the new Event formats. Sent your questions to office

In the new calender overview you can form now on only find the JJEU official events. We kindly ask all National Federations to sent the dates of their National Championships, because the results of these events will be added to the JJEU ranking list also. Results can be sent also to office

Tournaments in Europa version final version 2018 actual for 2019.pdf

17062018 JJEU Calender 2018 2019.pdf

2nd Invitation for Europa CUP in beachgames

Dear sport friends

In a few weeks the first Europa CUP in beach games will be organized by FJJI and JJEU. The place where the beach games will be organized are really famous, Cattolica is one of the most beautiful beaches in Italy. Federation Ju Jitsu Italy will be our host federation for this great event, where you can participate in JiuJitsu – Newaza Gi and NoGi and of course DUO system.

Thursday and Friday a great trainings camp will be organized with the at tendency of Professor Mathieu Peters 3rd Degree Black Belt BJJ teacher and BJJ Referee. Professor Peters together with Referee commissioner Thomas Meyer will also be responsible a the JJEU Referee course for JiuJitsu – Newaza Continental licence. See therefore the forms attached.

We are looking forward to all of you, great weather, a nice beach, good food and a great atmosphere are key factors to create a successful Europa CUP in Beachgames 2018. To subscribe goto:


The event is open for all Nationalities, also Non European JJIF members.

European_Beachgames_Cattolica_2018_2nd invitation.pdf

JJEU referee course Newaza during the Europa CUP beachgames 2018 3rd invitation.pdf