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Message from the JJEU Board related to invitation to extraordinary JJIF GA PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 10 November 2015 16:04
Philippsburg, Germany, 1.11.2015. JJEU Board has met at extraordinary board meeting in Germany as a part of preparation of decision evaluation of last meeting and invitation from JJIF President, Mr Panagiotis Theodoropoulos, to the JJIF General Assembly’s extraordinary meeting in Bangkok. Debate was open, wide and with a lot of concern.

JJEU Board has difficulties to accept haste for second and extraordinary JJIF GA only four months after last one in Greece with some items which were part of GA Agenda in July (like Statute issues). Nevertheless it accepts the importance of every single point on the agenda with surprise that speed is ahead of relevance. Even when put aside legal reservations it is at least not correct to demand from members of JJIF with right to vote to decide on tectonic changes of our organisation without proper time and sufficient materials to support decision making process (what grounds are provided to have a debate among members to prepare and decide – not very responsible). Agenda without prior materials and relevant information causes discomfort (and more).

After consideration of many possible motives, incentives, scenarios, past experiences and overall responsibilities to member federation, outcomes and consequents JJEU Board unanimously took the following stand:

•All items on agenda deserve and demands careful consideration and rational decisions – reason enough to step with careful move;
•Following timing and shortage of information to support agenda of extraordinary GA only one item on Agenda has sufficient grounds to allow correct decision making – that would be proposal to move JJIF Headquarters to Abu Dabi. All others items are not supported enough to be the part of this extraordinary GA debate;
•We could have round table for other issues but not as a part of Bangkok extraordinary GA. JJEU wold not support idea of restructure something which has been put together in proper manner on the last GA and a year before general elections – not rational and no need for that.
•Formalities in Statutes and by-laws will not bring us closer to Olympic movement. What is required is boosting worldwide activity to increase number of actual working member federations (and JJEU is doing its part in this area). Distribution and number of countries per continent (although relatively big for JJIF) at Bangkok WC is a mirror of reality and put as far cry from becoming Olympic.
•Every Board and union’s management are committed and have liability to establish healthy and positive working atmosphere which will allow cooperation, communication and coordination between members and unions.
•We recommend JJIF Board and its President, proven on many occasions for exceptional work and vision, to recognize the importance of the issues on the table with withdrawal of extraordinary GA in this manner (to avoid unnecessary confusion and prevent actions of irreversible consequences).

We cannot and would not allow ourselves to reduce importance of possibilities and opportunities (and serious hazards) ahead our development when unions focus to same goal. But we expect understanding of origins of our organisation and principles of democratic principles on which it is built. We can overcome differences, diversity of opinions and support our main principles based on healthy sport and martial development.

We invite JJEU members to participate at this meeting in Bangkok, participate in the debate to demonstrate constructive position, but also support JJEU stand for worldwide development proven by the number of full JJIF members!

Message from the Board: Report from Gelsenkirchen PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 09 October 2015 14:57

Board in Gelsenkirchen 3.10.2015Gelsenkirchen, Germany, October 3rd - 4th 2015. During "German Open" in Gelsenkirchen, Germany, JJEU Board and Commissioners have meetings in preparation for future activities (President Dario Quenza, Treasurer Michael Korn, Commissioners Tom Kempkens, Ronald Barten, Rick Frowyn and General Secretary Robert Perc).  The draft of 2016 Calendar has been on the table, previously already discussed with JJIF to harmonize joint activities in Europe.

After the 2015 JJIF Convention there is a lot of works ahead JJEU to prepare their documents to JJIF changes. At the end Board has thanked German Ju-jutsu Federation (DJJV) and its President Mr Roland Köhler for kind hospitality and good organisation of the events in Gelsenkirchen.

Gelsenkirchen - Board and German DJJV JJIFAmong others following important items were on the agenda:

- European Championships organisation Aspirant/Juniors in 2016 and beyond;
- building JJEU Ranking List;
- preparation for modification of JJEU Statutes and by-laws (drafts of changes have been accepted);
- organisation for future camps and seminars;
- extraordinary assembly in March in Spain;
- sponsorship concept and project orienting business;
- developing public relations and social media (website, Facebook, and Twitter for start);
- recording our history (documents, photos) and much more...

General Secretary Mr Robert Perc reported on the questionaries’ feedback – as Board wishes to do more to promote ju-jitsu and build sponsorship concept more data is required in order to prepare presentation materials. Up to the Board meeting only 10 countries out of 35 members have returned documents. Board has decided to give another call to members for required data – Board is evaluating possibility of JJIF Statutes measures about inactive members!

Countries who returned questionaries’ are: France, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Romania, Russia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland! TO JJEU MEMBERS: please send us your data as soon as possible - click here for more details (link to information from 17.9.2015 about members data)!

As there are many martial arts out there JJEU will also do more on the visibility and recognition of JJIF ju-jitsu among others. A call for members: please send us documents, especially photos of the activities before year 1995… We need to record our history and progress through decades (very important for future development also).

Please find more details in the document attached.

Download this file (REPORT FROM GELSENKIRCHEN 3.10.-4.10.2015.pdf)Message from the Board - report from Gelsenkirchen meetings[pdf]842 Kb11/10/15 11:03
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Calendar 2016 is published PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 09 October 2015 12:59
On the JJEU Board session in Gelsenkirchen, Germany, on October 4th 2015, JJEU Board has approved CALENDAR of Activities in Europe for year 2016. Additional events will be added to calendar at earliest convenient time (per example Champions league finals for 2015 at the beginning of the year, additional referee courses and other seminars and courses).
Please note, that organiser of the event must send results with short report (and some photos) to JJEU General Secretary in 3 days (for publishing purposes!). Furthermore, results are forwarded to JJEU Sport Director for safe keeping as official version of the events results.
Download this file (Calendar JJEU 2016 (4.10.2015 final).pdf)Calendar Europe 2016 (4.10.2015)[pdf]202 Kb09/10/15 13:06
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Invitation to: World Championship 2015 PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 02 October 2015 13:10

Bangok 2015Find attached the second invitation for the 2015 edition of JJIF World Championship.  To provide the best service for everybody and perform a good program we kindly ask you to send us a PRE registration by numbers until 16th October 2015.

Especially the referee course should be planned according to the needs of the federations.  As we get into the high season of Thailand’s tourism the hotels want immediate booking to keep our reservations active. Not all kind of accommodation is available in unlimited numbers! Early booking will guarantee your reservation! We apologize for the delay in sending out the information, but it was due to reasons beyond our control.

As a consequence, we have agreed to postpone the final registration deadline to November 5th, in order to allow the NF's a full month to finalize the composition of their delegations. We hope to see you all in Bangkok!

Information provided by: JJIF.

Update information 6.10.2015:

Please find attached the Corrected Registration form for the 2015 JJIF World Championship, with ALL categories.

Also, please be advised that there was an ommission in the invitation, regarding the obligation of the participating nations to bring qualified referees to the event. The penalty of 800 eur/missing referee, according to the JJIF Financial Rules is, of course, in effect.
According to the JJIF rules, the obligation to bring qualified referees does not refer to federations that have been members for less than 3 (three) years, so our newest members do not have to worry about a possible penalty.

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Invitation to: Slovenia Open 2015 PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 16 September 2015 08:43
Slovenia Open 2015Ju-jitsu Federation of Slovenia (JJZS) and Martial Arts Sports Club Katana (DBV Katana) are hereby inviting to Slovenia Open 2015 International Tournament. Tournament will take place in Sport Hall Brezice in the city of Brezice, Slovenia on 24.10.2015. More details in attachment. Registration deadline is 26.9.2015.
Download this file (Slovenia Open 2015 Invitation.pdf)Slovenia Open 2015 Invitation[pdf]991 Kb16/09/15 08:46
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Invitation to: German Open 2015 PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 16 September 2015 08:34
German Open 2015German Ju-jutsu Federation (DJJV) is hreby inviting to the German Open 2015 international tournament, organised in Sports Areana Schurenkamp in Gelenkirchen, Germany. Weighin and registration will start on Friday, October 2nd 2015. More details in attached files.
Download this file (243_GO_2015_Registration_english (1).xlsx)German Open Registration[xlsx]37 Kb16/09/15 08:45
Download this file (GO_2015_-_Invitation_english_2015_01_15.pdf)German Open 2015 - invitation[pdf]2258 Kb16/09/15 08:38
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Calendar 2016 and beyond - urgent call to members PDF Print E-mail
Sunday, 27 September 2015 22:19

JJEU LOGOThe decision of JJIG General Assembly 2015 (JJIF Convention in Greece) is to have U21 World Championship every second year. In 2016, as proposed by the Convention delegates, the U21 World Championship will be held. In 2017, the U18 World Championship & the U15 World Cup will be organized together.

World Championship will take place every year on the last week of November. World Championship U21 (Juniors) will be organised in March, starting 2016 in Spain or Russia. In Almere we have had a discussion with Russia to host U18/21 European Championship but that cannot be the case anymore and they are running for 2016 World Championship U21.

World Championship U18 and World Cup 15 will take place every second year, last half of the March, starting in the year 2017.

In JJEU we organise our biggest event in June every year – one year is European Championship seniors, following year Euro Cup.

Now we must coordinate activities related to U15-18-21 World Championship to rationalise time and costs. We can organise European Championship for U15-18-21 every second year but we need to find a good date for this event (in principle this will bring to the exchange of championships (in one year WC U21 and EC U18, second year WC U18 and EC 21…). At the moment we also have good distribution of U15 (Cadets) World Cups.

Some of the ideas how to organise championships in Europe has been already on the table on the JJIF Convention in Greece. Good planning will give reasonable distribution of activities and costs/time for those activities. Good solution will also give more opportunities for long term planning of WC/EC (up to 4 years in advance).

We need your assistance to built sustainable calendar of activites in Europe for 2016 and beyond:

a) dates, places and categories of the events 2016 in general missing on the draft calendar (if you have dates for 2017 etc. please send it too);
b) proposals for the organisation of U18/21 championships in Europe (time of the year?);
c) proposals/candidates for future events (EC 2017, Euro Cup 2017, EC U18 in 2016 and EC U21 in 2017..).

We kindly ask for your feedback up to Thursdays, October 1st 2015 to allow the Board to evaluate proposals at the meeting which will take place at Gelsenkirchen (and to harmonize activities with JJIF).

Update: 2.10.2015!

Download this file (Calendar JJEU 2016 (draft 2.10.2015 - www version).pdf)Calendar updates 2.10.2015[pdf]195 Kb02/10/15 15:51
Download this file (Calendar JJEU 2016 (draft 27.9.2015).xls)Calendar of activites in Europe 2016 - draft 27.9.2015[xls]43 Kb27/09/15 22:24
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Invitation to: St. Petersburg Open 2015 PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 16 September 2015 09:25
Russian JJ FederationRussian Jiu-Jitsu Federation organizes International Ju-Jitsu Tournament “St. Petersburg Open” on 24.10. and 25.10.2015.Tournament will take place in Sport hall «Kometa», Zagrebsky blvd, 28, Saint-Petersburg. More details in attachment. Registration deadline is 30.9.2015.
Please note: the category Ne-waza women -49 kg was added by mistake and this category will not be organized in St Petersburg.
Download this file (INVITATION_SPb_Open_2015.pdf)St. Peterburg Open 2015 Invitation[pdf]701 Kb16/09/15 09:27
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