Only 12 days left to register for the 2020 Kodokan Open Germany Norderstedt

Dear JuJitsu friends,

Only 12 days left before we close the Sportdata subscription for the Kodokan Open in JuJitsu. This event is the perfect start to prepare for the season 2020, 2020 the last year for Adults to collect points for the World Ranking list and to achieve the position to be invited for the World Games 2021 USA….

Also you can find attached the outlines for the Europa CUP DUO in Medemblik the Netherlands and for the Europa CUP for Under 12 and Under 14 year old in all categories (this year also NoGi) and for the Hungary Open of course in Hungary Budapest.

So GoTo: and subscribe for these great events,


1.st_Outlines_EC_3.Bpo final.pdf

First Outline European Cup Duo Games -3RD EDITION – 2020_version 2.01_DEF.pdf


Updated calendar of activities JJEU and JJIF

Updated calendar of activities of JJEU and JJIF

Dear friends,

JJEU is looking for a hosting federation for the Europa CUP Gi and NoGi. Due to cancelation by the former organizers we are looking for a host federation which is willing to organize the Europa CUP.

In the Europa CUP events athletes can win a free entrance for the European Championship in the category where they have won the free entrance….

For information email to rick.frowyn(@)

JJIF-JJEU CALENDAR (ver. 18.01.2020)

Outlines Kodokan Open 2020

Dear friends,

Lets start the year with a great event in Germany…..

8 and 9 February 2020 the International Kodokan Open will take place in Norderstedt, very close to Hamburg.

Kodokan Open is a JJEU supprted event. Also evamluation of the Referees will take place in Norderstedt, so referees wo like to be evaluted, this is a good oppertunity.

Please subscribde your athletes, coaches and referees at


Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year

JJEU Board, commissions, volunteers and staff wishes all relatives of our JuJitsu family a Wonderful Holiday Season and a Happy (2020) New Year.

We are looking forward to see you all soon at one of our great events in Europe.